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We’re in the low 3000’s. I myself am exactly at 3200 after a string of few wins and several losses. For the past 5 matches - for which I still have no concede button - my opponents have had teams like this:

Most of the rest of have maybe one level 20 in this bracket, the rest at 18 or so. We certainly wouldn’t have a team littered with uniques. Would it kill you to use level-appropriate dinos, even during a tournament climb, until we can have a separate PvP grouping that’s more fair? I can barely fill four incubators without enduring losses decided before my first move four times before squeaking out a win.


Uhhh, I hate those players as well.

I called the quits on the tournament partly because of this. Lvl 27 in Lockwood Manor where the average is lvl 18-23 and lvl 28-30 in low Aviary, so below 4800 points (average is 21-26) is just not okay.


I can’t believe how high level things are down in Sorna now. I was trying to use a theme team of Sauropods and actually had 2 close wins at 3600, but did nothing but lose today down to 3200 as everyone and their dog had a bleeder or I-rex or Allosino or some other armor destroying thing, all around level 20.


I swear ludia looses the leash on some crazy bots every tourney either that or it’s just the sore losers dropping from higher, either way it ruins arena experience!

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I think a large portion of the avairy drops down every tourney to farm easy incs… i know the day after last one i was fighting people with lvl 27s at 4200 climbing back up.


Seems you have met one of the farmers. :joy:

If you meet the same person over and over, try not to battle for a few minutes.


There are also many cheaters and Ludia doesn’t do anything with them. They are still in leaderboard and many of them are still in alliances.