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Get ready to see Erlikospyx everywhere

The event that was left as a surprise involves one attempt at Spyx, and the therizinosaurids arent really that hard to dart, so…


Sweet. Tho, I don’t think I can get 250 in one go. At least I won’t have as far to go once spyonix and erlik g2 are lv 20

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Rat bait at level 21.


I’ll take it. Halfway to level 26 now.

I was 40 dna short, seems my vip acct was showing it was free at the time so I lost out on a shortened timer


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I’m at work, and they are just out of range.

Thanks, Ludia!
This is a really nice surprise, appreciated.


Only managed 74 DNA, but at least that’s about 7 painful 10 fuses saved.


" woudl’nt it unbalance the arena? " :sunglasses: "quote from someone which have never saw this before

I only got 51 DNA but that is still 1/5th of the way to creating one, so yay me.

My takeaway from that situation was always there there was a way to exploit the darting aspect of this game, allowing for hackers to gain max DNA thru some sort of exploit.

I take this offering as they’ve found a way to prevent that from being possible any longer (and look forward to more events of this nature in the future)

Pretty please? :wink:


I just posted in the other hype thread.

I was able to dart 179 and I got mine to level 26 because of the event today. I’m satisfied with that. Yay yay.

that would be cool if we saw this kind of event 1 time a month

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