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Get rid of 5% Crits (Poll)

Seriously. Just get rid of this crap. I’ve spent hours on that tournament. And I had a dozen games where I would’ve won with a chance of fracking 95% but then got screwed by 5% crits saving my opponent’s butts.
Yes I am frakking frustrated. And I just don’t see the sense behind that. Why is it, that all strategy and tactics are screwed if my opponent only wins due to ridiculous amount of luck?

If this happened the amount of times I’d expect it with 5%, fine. But I had it in so many battles now. I didn’t lose because I played my creatures wrong or made mistakes or used the wrong technique. But because my 95% chance of winning is worth nothing.

Today, I played 5 hours. I’ve reached 990 trophies several times today. And every time I was about to hit the 1000, guess what: 5% crits. Just had it again.

And what frustrates me most, is that this is just an undeserved win. The latest lost game was due to this &§%$/!. My opponent made several mistakes and played some unlucky moves and when I was about to win (and that would’ve been a clear win!!), he got a 5% crit and I flew straight back.

So, what do you guys. Especially looking at this tournament. Fair chances for everyone. Well, in theory.

Damn, I even would pay money for a game without ridiculous and stupid crits. I know we had these since the beginning, but the tournament alliance seasons are relatively new and I am stuck due to this crap.

Several hours wasted. Tactics and strategy. Wasted. Yes, I am aware of how much frustration is illustrated in my post. But I’ve hold myself back all the times until it happened again after a battle that took me 7 minutes because the opponent even let the timer get down at 1 when he realized he was losing. And then this undeserved, dirty “victory”. What am I playing for, seriously.

Ok. Deeeeeeeeeep breath. Oof. The rage is strong with this one. So again, maybe we can discuss this. Once again the question: What do you guys think of it.

  • Remove 5% Crits permanently
  • Keep them permanently
  • Remove 5% Crits during Tournament

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Me looking at Tournament mess

We’re not gonna be removing crits for most dinos. That’s dumb.


Removing them from skill tournaments seems to be the best option. Same goes with failed stuns etc

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Sorry, but I like the chance for crits. Makes it interesting.


I think that’d be pretty cool actually, to rely less on luck and more on strategy in tournament arena. :thinking:

I’d be okay with having certain dinos with 0% crits, especially ones like Diplodocus (c’mon, that rampage is stronger than anything Allo2 has! I thought resilients were meant to have low damage and strong defenses?).

I do feel you, though - I lost a match where I was bound to win, unless my opponent got 2 crits back to back with a 5% chance. I don’t have to say how it ended.


Why is that, could you explain that? Would be interesting for me. :slight_smile:
Personally, I like the crits starting with 20%. They are more to expecting than 5% crits.

What I hate most about 5% crits, is that they mean that all the effort and strategy was wasted and for nothing. And the opponent only won due to luck.

I mean like, okay, if u say “it adds more diversity” if a battle can take an unexpected turn, okay. But this happens so often in tournament and is especially frustrating when this crap happens in a battle you would’ve won. And you needed the well earned victory for trophy milestone.

Another thing might be that this is a chance for weaker players to win against op opponents. But in tournament, where all players have the same chances?

I even started to record all battles because I seriously thought it was a bug or rigged. When I first started, I lost three battles in a row due to 5% crits.

The worst part was when a Scuto critted two times against me, followed by a Diplo crit. It’s all fun and games until the 5% crits take over.

What about removing them for tournaments?

Because not all creatures need to crit constantly.


But when to save the player’s butt after playing bad moves and strategy? :sweat_smile:

Yeah, that’s the worst. Or, in a similar manner, when they use a swap in move and manage to get that 5% crit - especially since that’s the only time rhino or sino can actually pierce through the armor (don’t understand why those moves pierce armor in the first place though).


Yeah, exactly. I also suffered this fate. It stood 2:2, I was about to deal the final blow and had a bit more than 1500 hp. He swaps in Rhino with 700 hp left. And lands a 5% crit.

Had this so often now in this freaking tournament.

My alliance members already reached 1100 and higher. And I get all 5% crits so that they won’t get slapped by these lol.

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I’d still keep them for tournaments. I don’t have an issue with them really.

Anything under 20% should be zero.

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Totally agree! I think there should be creatures that have crit abilities. But on the other hand, there should be creatures with no crit chance.

They could shoehorn the ability to hit crits somewhat consistently into fierce and half fierce dinos, while making cunning creatures be able to crit, only a bit less. Maybe 15-20 for cunning and half cunning. Pure resilients should have zero crit.

Agreed! :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Oh my goodness this is ridiculous…

We do not need to remove 5% crits! Or 10% crits! All of you are being ridiculous… critical hits aren’t things to be thrown around everywhere…

Those horns gotta do SOMETHING