Get rid of bots


This game has a lot of issues that need resolved, but I can live with most of them with the exception of this.

Fighting bots is not fun Ludia, if I lose 2 games in a row against normal players OR wait in a queue longer than ~15 seconds I should not be subject to an autoloss by having to face “players” with level 24 T. Rex Gen 2s or level 23 Suchotators.

Nobody wants these dinosaurs at high levels when there are better options. It’s not even like these COULD be actual players. Einiasuchus players using Adrenaline Pulse as their first move for example. Even if these dinosaurs are garbage, it doesn’t matter when they’re 10 levels higher than whatever I have. I’m in Sorna Marshes and I actually hate PvP now because I know that if I lose more than once I’m going to be forced to go on a losing streak to get my incubator.

This isn’t fun.

Let us fight against other player’s rosters controlled by bots maybe. Let us wait in queue a little longer to play against an actual player and their team. Anything is better than the current system of being viciously demolished by bot teams to provide a “challenge”.

Spoofers? Sure, I don’t care if you don’t care, a player at 3000 trophies doesn’t get any different rewards than the players at 5000. Let them spend all the money and download all the spoofing apps they want.

BS RNG? Sure, 5% crit chance 3 times in a row, maybe 10% stun chance twice in a row while your 30% crit chance and 75% stun chance miss. I understand that there are lucky and unlucky games.

But please, for the love of god, remove bots. They ruin the fun of PvP and therefore any incentive to move up into higher ranks. Come up with a different system or remove them entirely or you’ll risk losing a good chunk of your playerbase who doesn’t want to bother with getting shafted match after match.

You have a decent game here, but the Jurassic World hype is only going to last so long if you just use this game as a flavor-of-the-month money grab. Please put in some effort here.

EDIT: I received an error when I uploaded this and created a new thread as a result, didn’t see this but I can’t edit it to delete it so I guess it’ll stay.

Bots ruin this game

Well, Ludia can’t care less. Everybody asks them to make something with bots, but they don’t care.
I bet that they are making some new localisation made with google.translate, that’s all that they can do.


MAKE autofight a settings option. You shouldn’t have to fight a bot if you don’t want to. EVERY game I have ever played has made it clear about when to play PVE vs PVP. You always get to chose which kind of play you wish to do.

Why even bother with the bots?

I’m trying to figure out why they are there and all I can come up with is to fill in when a match cannot be found … but no, that is not it. Really…

In the first place!


  1. What about L30…?

  2. Eini is not a garbage. It is among the most reliable ones. Use it wisely.

  3. Agree that it defeat the purpose of levelling up. Since you’ll always encounter op dinos eventually.


Remove them. They aren’t fun to fight. They ruin your game, and it’s obvious who they are.

Nobody is going to bring in a 24 T. Rex Gen 2, a 23 Suchotator, a 23 Triceratops, and a 24 Euoplocephalus. Not even the top players.

Of all the issues in this game this should be the first one to be addressed. Losing 2 matches in a row or waiting in a slightly longer queue shouldn’t doom me to a losing streak. It’s always so obvious too, an Einiasuchus opening with Adrenaline Pulse? Right.

Fix this.


ludia love you money dude, pay more. buy more.


I love the bots easier win mostly.