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Get rid of critical hits

Slightly increase damage of dinos with higher crit chance and get rid of this pointless, gamebreaking mechanic. No one likes it and we all know that the RNG is not working how it should, the probability of a single dino with 5% chance hitting crit like 2-3 times in one match is so low, that it shouldn’t happen this often.

So please either fix or get rid. (I prefer the latter)


i agree with none of this, but i support your passion and desire to be an agent of change.


Sounds like somebody got beat because of a crit :thinking::joy:

Find it funny tho how u never hear about super lucky stories when they luck out wins with a crit. Imagine that

I get beat by crits, I beat people by crits. Some players simply would prefer a battle system that is more based on skill than luck, because losing by bad luck is frustrating and winning by good luck is not satisfying at all. Casual gamers won’t understand :wink:


countdown to justin telling you where he is on the leader board while use lol and ur in his post in 3…2…1…


The game has to have crits else everybody will know when to swap out or not ever likely gonna take a chance. It’ll be pure maths thence & not a game.

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At least math takes skill

Crits are needed. It stops the game being both boring and predictable. I know players on here dislike RNG (and I do think the JWA RNG needs a serious looking at) but it is needed to keep battles interesting.


Sighhhhh, how come so many ppl want to get rid of the element of surprise from the game …

Some dinosaurs have 30% or 40% crit, lol, how much more damage would you like to give to them to make up for the fact they won’t have that anymore? I will agree with you to the extent that 5% crit can be gone just like the minimal stunning moves. There are multiple RNG-based moves in this game, like stunning, evasive stance / cloak, and critical hits. It’s just a part of the game.


The only reason they got rid of low stunning strike was becasue people cried non stop about being “stun locked” 3 turns. Now those same dinos have 2 75% stuns, max stun you twice, and guess what? Same people are still crying cuz that’s op.

Moral of the story is. People will complain rampantly about whatever it is that beats them. But when the same thing occurs in their favor they seem to have forgotten about it :thinking:


No thanks.

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Honestly, though, 5% - 10% moves can be done away with. It does less to help than to piss people off anyways. 30% & up do enough to add excitement to the game.


could argue that. But then people will cry “U REMOVED MY CRIT CHANCE LUDIA!?!? THIS IS STUPID!"

See my point? Theres always going to be something for people to complain

God help me if people lose their 5% crit chance for stegod :joy: itd be pure comedy on this forum for the next 6 months of cry babies


I agree that would be the case but it might make some folks less aggravated. Not that I think it would matter for the game either way.

From my experience the lower stunning hit did more or about the same as the greater stunning

My 5% dinos crit more than my 20%. I land maybe 5-8% of my 75% stun chances.

This game makes me reach for that tinfoil hat often lol

Anyone else think tragod crits more since 1.5?

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