Get Rid of Drops


Just a far fetched Idea and may not be liked.

Instead of dotting the landscape with supply drops, have a call button for a supply drop you can click on every 5 minutes. When you request a drop, it goes to the drown screen like your going to dart a dinosaur but instead drops a supply of like 20 darts. This would help people who live in remote areas.

What about coins? Add a payout of coins after darting dinosaurs double the amount of DNA. If you dart and get 100 dna, you get 200 coins. Have rares and epics drop the green bucks. You can collect coins and green bucks till you reach your daily limits.

Without the drops having to load, add more distance visible dinos.

Keep the arena strike towers and treasure events randomly pop up where the drops were.

Add the skyward facing lights on event dinosaurs so we know they are the event ones.


One supply drop every 5 minutes is waaaay slower than some of us can collect them :smile: