Get rid of live PVP altogether

Here’s my pitch: make all pvp matches AI controlled, eliminating connection issues. Do match making based on both character levels AND gear strength.

You’ve proven, according to your forums, in every game you’ve created, that you can’t get pvp right at all. It’s so bad in this game it damn near makes me delete the app every time I feel compelled to have a chest in the progress of opening. It’s SO BAD.

Will my fix kill the essence of and challenge of pvp? Yes. It will also make it so you don’t lose players by the droves when they experience the ridiculousness of being completely out matched over and over and being forced to play out a 5 min unwinnable game just to be forced with the choice of doing it AGAIN. Your game was not remotely balanced for pvp, don’t try now. Just make it fake pvp, let people earn some rewards and move on.


PvP is rough so far. Hope it is improved. It has promise.

PvP is hopeless. The huge mismatch in player levels and connections lost issues make it unplayable


Something I did like when the gold and glory update came out was the removal of the timed unlocks chests. It liberated me, such that I didn’t feel the need to log in every 3 hours just to open a chest.

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It’s beyond repair, the game is not designed for it in the least. It’s a numbers game and you either have them on your side or you don’t. When I win, it’s almost always a slaughter, same for losing. 1 out of 50 games is close. Literally just had a fight where all 4 is them out leveled me by 2. I literally couldn’t hurt them. Yet because the economy is so stupid and it takes a billion of everything to progress at all, I feel like I have to play it just for the chests.

But don’t discontinue it. Frequently the only battles I can win are the live ones where my opponent crashes and times out and can’t do anything. It’s sad but the bugginess is frequently better then when it works.

I agree. When you lose half your matches because the system isn’t equally matching groups or the game crashes while loading PVP and you are almost beat by the time it reloads. Also how can a lvl 6 hill a full health lvl 8 in one hit NOT critting.

In my last 3 matches my opponent has had characters get two turns in a row without an ability. They attack, my character is killed then their move meter refills and they attack again, no special procs.

If your character dies from a DOT or environmental fire you still lose the turn. Injury is really good.

I’ve cancelled my subscription and am close to leaving altogether. Just had a fight, fairly close in levels, where he just got to act first for everything that mattered and won stupid easy. First turn, move tank to center and taunt. My mage is next so I attack his healer for the extra damage. He puts “can’t move” on all my guys. I use taunt on my tank. He pushes my whole team to back row. They can’t move. For 6 turns. Each. My team dies to fire having not even dropped his tank. So fun. I knew the fight was over the second he pushed my team back. Can’t surrender, am forced to waste 5 mins of my life just watching the timer go down on my team who can’t move. What even is their response to how bad this is?

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Honestly when things are that mismatched I close the app for an hour. Why waste time when it’s so bad.

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You guys are all echoing my comments and thoughts for sure. I hope the Devs are reading and making changes.

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Whoever thought that PvP in this format will be fun is a *, don’t care if it sounds harsh but it is true. Completely unbalanced idiotic format where game decides if you win or you lose, oh look let’s put all your melee characters against enemy who is all ranged, and also has 3 turn can’t move warlock. Let us put your lvl 10 team against lvl 13 or 14, that is fun, right? Oh, extra fun, dominate for 2 or 3 round making fight 5 vs 3 which is game lost. Some completely unbalanced and non explained things, how come that a character who is lower lvl than mine characters deals double the damage of my character who is fully in epic gear. There is a lot more of this that can be said about this abomination of the game mode.

P.S. And I’m the biggest idiot for actually supporting this game through buying VIP, but not any more, it ends soon and there is no way I’ll renew it.


I downloaded a new game yesterday so for the moment I’ll just log into waterdeep to collect free chest and do the free challenge in frostsilver in time I will get tired of doing that than waterdeep be uninstalled.
It has been great interacting with humans on the forum you boys and girls been awesome I wish you all the best of health and safe travels.

I agree 110% with every point here. Just a side note however, Thomas normal item gives him 100% of removing all debuff: catch is you need to max it

And of course the priest has restore but requires that you have the legendary.