Get Rid Of Short Range Spawns

Please, with Covid going on, people can’t go out and try to find para lux. Do you agree?

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in claiforniaa there is even a curfew. This is just unfair now!

I wouldn’t worry about it much though, soon there will be vaccines for covid-19 (I’d say in a month or so), and we wouldn’t have to stay at home.

It depends where you live and i think its an intresting idea(other then the attempt thing), if you live somwhere where you can get out then it’s great cause it rewards walking around more but i do agree it’s a horrible time to add this.

It would be interesting if the implementation weren’t so bad and if it were implemented at a different time. Plus Para Lux spawns only at night. Winter and COVID are going to make it inaccessible and not in a good way.

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Short range creatures only are worst addition ever. Not only because of covid and winter in northern hemisphere. Worst thing about short range spawns is, that you have no idea where you should go to find these creatures.

It’s even worse than those extremely rare strike towers. You can at least see strike towers from far away, even when you have no idea where to look after them. You need to walk directly on short range spawn to see it, which means more walking with staring at phone and not watching where you go.

On top of that proximity (short range) spawns are extremely rare in some walking friendly areas and extremely dense on highways. Also any global creature can spawn on those spawns, not only short range creatures.

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It’s a temporary problem. Just like Gorgotrebax which you won’t get any time soon, ParaLux will have to wait a little bit. And don’t forget about Antarctopelta.

Does patience no longer exist these days? Why always want something NOW NOW NOW? Have you forgotten the beginning days of the game? Most creatures were impossible to get for a very long time.

It really baffles me how mad you guys get because your cookie doesn’t get delivered to you minutes after the update. Unbelievable.


It’s not even just about lux… sure that’s an issue. But it’s more about local spawns cannot be short range spawns. Add in the new “limits” on short range spawns which affect hybrid pursuits and you have an entire system of hot garbage.

The topic is literally about Lux, but the new system is indeed a bit odd. I think it’s something you can get used to, personally I don’t see the problem.

Short range spawn are great just not the perfect time to introduce it now. Well i just walked 100-250m from home and i found the new epic dog and some good rare. But seriously they shouldnt put para lux in night time to spawn because it is too dangerous to play this game in the outside during the night time.

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We got players hitting their short range spawns for epics already… and data mining is looking like these limits are pretty low.

Now once you hit this limit you still get these as the short range spawns you just can’t dart them.

Now not only our your local spawns harder to get but the spawns your getting in replace of them are going to be spawns you can’t even dart cause you’ve capped out what you can dart on short range spawns.

I can’t speak for people with an unfinished Dinodex, but I don’t care what spawns around my house :slight_smile:

Considering less then 5% of the playerbase has passed beyond Library you don’t speak for very many. Nor does it help any new players. Or the vast majority of the playerbase that still needs local spawns to level up components for arena and raid Dino’s.

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Can’t they just, you know… Walk around?

Not when short range spawns are far more common then long range spawns… these short range spawns are not only more common but have a limit. Locals are not of an infinite design they are only so big and only have so many long range spawns.

So Ludia is force feeding you a very specific spawn pool and there force feeding it to you but you can’t eat to much cause there is that limit. And depending on these limits letting good spawns go so not to use all your short range attempts for something you really need. Which goes against one of this games fundementals of dart everything cause you never know if it will be good.