Get rid of the daily weekly encounters

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the creatures in the weekly encounters! (Ex: Irritator gen 2 on sunday) It is so hard for beginners to get a grip in the arena without the vital beginner hybrids! (Ankylocodon, Suchotator, Gorgosuchus) Especially suchotator and ankylocodon because you cannot get either of their components out of scents.

Another solution to this problem is to make the creatures pop up from scents on the day they come out. Its impossible for some people to find these creature due to lockdowns!

Also, theres a mortem raid strat with gorgosuchus, but how are we gonna get gorgo to 26 if we cant find the dna necessary???

What are you talking about?

You know how anky gen 2 only pops out on mondays? And irritator gen 2 on sundays? those are the daily weekly encounters. they dont pop up from scents, and they have specific spawn areas. this makes them almost impossible to dart more than one of per week.

I’m pretty sure you are able to scent those creatures that appear on a specific day. They are global daily creatures.

nope, ive tried every day they are available.

Daily creatures are not available to scents. But they are everywhere on their day. How are you only able to get one. Multiple ones appear in range even if I dont go anywhere


not for me, although im not in the “big cities” so maybe there is less spawn points for me. if im lucky ill get 5 at the very most

They are called dayli spawns, and anky g2 is on tuesdays, they’re not scentable, they are quite rare but u can get them especualy the comons

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