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Get Rid of The New Event Schedule

The new event “rework” is garbage and here’s why:

  • 2 days of no featured dinos, this helps… nobody? Nobody was complaining about having dinos every day or asking for this at all so why did it happen?

  • Rare dinos before Common dinos, this is totally unnecessary and just confusing in a lot of cases

  • Only 1 day for Common dinos + nerf from 12 attempts per common to 9 per, less commons is pointless and simply hurts players, as well as only 1 day for at maximum 45 attempts during fierce week with the new system. Does more harm and no good.

  • Average Strike # from 16 to 11, now at first this wouldn’t be that bad if it was only small common strikes that we would be missing out on but nope! The number of epic, rare, and large strikes has of course been lessened, with only 2 epic strikes this week and sometimes only an extra common strike on some days. There was no asking for this from players, and does nothing but slow people’s progress and demotivate players to be active everyday.

  • More treasure chests, doesn’t seem that bad until you realize Ludia likely thought adding an extra one every week would make up for all of the other horrible changes in this rework. Also, not many people care about treasure chests and there are very few who go out and collect them every 6 hours.

And that’s why the new event “rework” is garbage.


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