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Get Rid of These Pop-Ups

I’m currently sitting in a lobby that I can’t get into because this ad won’t let me go any further. Please, just move them to “News.”


Same with the “Join VIP” popup that occurs after every 5 supply drops


I’ve reported this problem before. Especially annoying when you’ve already seen the message!

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Done a bit of research into that. It’s around every 20 supply drops, and it carries over to the next login

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It seems to be like every 5-10. I’m not gonna get it ever, so stop bothering me Ludia


How about “I’m a passenger”.

Change it to “I have read the terms and acknowledge that I can be a danger in traffic if I drive and dart at the same time”. Once.

I had to close this popup a billion times. Honestly, I am not gonna change my behavior. Ever heard of bicycles on empty roads or GPS glitches?

Well, that still COULD cause legal issues and be a bit messy, but it does get annoying. I’m not entirely sure, but with the legal system being way too complicated, I would say it’s a precaution on their end

I’m not sure of a workaround on an Apple device, but on an Android when that pops up in the x is gone if you hit the back button it’ll pop up and you can hit x period but yeah they should get rid of it, it’s annoying.