Get rid or change Battle... tired of being the one climbing a mountain to win

Recently, opponents have had higher leveled dinos and gets most of the crits. How is it that I can barely scratch a crit yet they’re trophy count is identical to mine. They got higher leveled dinos but I’m actually using strategy to win. Better damage but it doesn’t mean better crit rate. I’m not saying I should beat them all the time but in ten battles the Critical ratio is at least 3 to 1. So infuriating.


i hear ya. it’s after a tournament. the higher level players got their tourney stuff then i believe they get bumped down afterwards. they then come beat the snot out of us little guys.

I just had one where every single animal of the opponents was over level 23.

They really need to work on the battle matching, and on the animals it picks. Give both players a fair fight.

I don’t mind losing so much. I never really cared about trophy count. However, I do notice when the game wants me to lose. Just fought a battle where opponent landed a 30% chance stun and a crit with the same attack. Then, they landed 2 crits in a row with their next dino. I was left with a poor sinoutahraptor with half health or suchotator vs indom. I switched out taking advantage of them using cloak, even though they could have killed my raptor with 1 hit. Nullified cloak but indom landed a crit anyway and wiped suchotator in 2 rounds. /shrug Sometimes the game just really has it in for you.

I know this sounds weird, but since a couple of months or so ago, I have never been able to play anyone with fewer trophies than me at the time. It got to be really aggravating when instead of lowering the trophy level when I lost, I would be matched with even higher trophy level opponents. Until I was finally able to beat someone 350 to 400 points higher. After that, it kept it to within 250 higher or less.

But even when I win, I get matched with a higher trophy level opponent with dinos that just absolutely crush mine regardless of strategy.

The statistics of my experience is astronomical. Why am I being picked on?

almost a week later, and i’m still getting my hind end handed to me. i lose 7 to 8 out of ten before i get a win. and it’s always players 2 to 3 levels higher, with level 18 to 20 epics and legends.

For the 42 thousandth time, they gotta fix the matchups, or people will continue to get frustrated by lopsided battles, and just stop playing


and i realized just now, it’s a snowballing effect. when you lose EIGHTY percent of the time, and can only get one or two incubators a day, you NEVER can advance your creatures. I have been stuck at level 10, and in badlands, for two solid months now.

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now i am enraged. just lost a battle 3 to 2…but i didn’t die the third time, my stiggy still had 7 hit points, and it wasn’t a DoT attack.

I hate losing 9 rounds today…but i REALLY hate losing to a game error.

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Just do what I do. Lose intentionally then beat the snot out of the little guys and get your slots full. If I crit it’s with a Dino that has low attack and it doesn’t make a difference.

That’s not what is happening to us. Doing that is not an option for us. We lose, our opponent’s level is even higher. There is a bug in the game preventing us from advancing.

It is frustrating to the point of wanting us to abandon the game. ALL of our opponents are higher level than us. Win or lose. Every single one.

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In the case where the opponent is kind of close in level, the rules of points and dino behavior in battle appear to be suspended. Again, always against us.

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sure seems that way to me, young lady.

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Have you strategists ever considered that your strategies may not be that great after all? Do what I do… Record your battles and then revisit the ones you lost to see what you could have done differently and won. In many cases, you will find that your strategy was not flawless… Obviously, there are some matchups you cannot win, regardless of what you do…


I have not battled an opponent that had fewer trophies than me in the past 2 months. And when I lose, my next opponent has even MORE points than the previous one. I have submitted a bug report. This issue is secondary to what I am facing.

Is it not acceptable for me to let someone else know that I have experienced the same issue they have faced in the game? This is not about ‘Oh, I keep losing, I can’t level up, poor me.’ No. This is about statistical impossibilities of fair matches over time. Where something in the game is so wrong, that we are about to abandon it. But instead of shutting up and just abandoning the game, we come here and let the developers know. So they have a chance to fix it.

And you decide to jump into the middle of it and cry about our supposed poor strategy. We can not develop a strategy if we can not play the game. We are both low level, so obviously not perfect. We never claimed to be.

You never encountered any issues? You ever coded? I have. There is no such thing as perfect, glitch-free code with complex, large scale systems.

We just want something playable so we CAN develop some kind of strategy.

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They compensate by giving a variable amount of trophies. You might lose a few times, and win once. They compensate by tossing you easy matches at some point.

When I win, I win easily. When I lose, the cards seem stacked against me. This is really normal to feel, even in real life games, and it didn’t help that the numbers aren’t set in stone for these things.

However… This is the aspect of the game that has us addicted. Variable outcomes, like a slot machine. So yeah lol… It’s not going to change anytime soon.

Just my two cents

You’re not reading. I have been checking the point counts of my opponents immediately after matches ever since I began not getting any easy matches. I am not guessing here. So I CAN say that this has been happening for a long time for me. It is a bug. A true statistical impossibity. Not something that ‘seems’ that way. I have sent screen shots to the developers. This is not about the variable reward psychology inherent in gaming.



Im not saying I should win every game. It’s just frustrating when you have a dino with a special ability and can’t even be put into effect in the most crucial of moments. Still looking forward to when I get two crits in a row.

I can understand your frustration, @Raulito_Oceans, because I have been in your shoes many a time. I just think that focusing on your opponent’s trophy count is inconsequential, given that most players frequently drop 200-300 trophies in a matter of a few hours. If you are losing very frequently, revisit your strategy starting with your team… Is your team well balanced? Do you have counters for all likely opponents? Do you have any weak links that need to be leveled or benched? Are you investing in the right creatures that will help you further down the line? If in doubt, post a screenshot of your team and ask for advice. More experienced players will surely point you in the right direction.


Indeed, you get the point.

If I lose, it shouldn’t be because it’s opponent after opponent who can obliterate me in 5 moves.

If the opponents were truly a RNG thing, there’d be an even mix of stronger and weaker opponents.

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Tell me again how it’s strategy? In the last hour, I’ve lost 6 in a row… twice without one kill. Even horrible strategy, you should occasionally win. This is El Toro caca.

It is possible to have every opponent have higher trophies and go on a losing streak. Even then, if you keep losing them all you will eventually have to start winning again.

If you lose 7 or 8 to get one incubator, you lose let’s say ~20 trophies per battle so go down 160 trophies per incubator. Two incubators is 320 trophies, 3 is 480 trophies and so on. You will eventually reach a point where you will win by default. Your Dino’s will just be that much larger than anyone else’s in that range and start to win them all. You will win until you reach a point you meet someone who was on a losing streak and dropped several hundred trophies, and it is their time to start winning and gain trophies. I am at ~4100 trophies and perhaps the swings at your level is greater than what I see. But the theory would be the same

The more balanced your team and the more strategic you are with the team you have, the less the swing will be. That is not to say RNG can’t make you lose several in a row but you might not be having constant 500+ trophy swings. I had them until I was able to get a balanced team and figure out how to use what I had. The most I swing now is about 300 Trophies, and that would just be due to a run of horrible RNG. It does happen.

I call it the win 1, lose 3 on the way down and win 3 lose 1 on the way up.

If this is not what you are experiencing and does not help, I apologize for butting in.