Get right to 3950 and then


boom! Here comes lady 24 Stegoceratops to stun my poor little level 17 to death :joy: been knocked down from 3950 three times now. :crazy_face: I keep pounding away tho! I want that incubator lol


But on a serious note that maybe someone can help me with is,
Why am I fighting people with over 4000 trophies? Shouldn’t they be in Jurassic ruins not Sorna marshes? Any enlightenment would help! Thanks guys!!


It’s matching you up with the closest trophy count possible. If there’s no one within 3950+, then it gives rhe next best going up.


Ok that makes sense! Thanks!


No problem!
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I’ve been there for the past 2 weeks, I have 23 Stegodeus, 22 stegoceratops, 24 allosaurus, 21 Indominus, etc etc, been beat down from 3990 to 3700 so many times it’s not funny, this isn;t RNG, this is some kind of algorithm to keep as many people as possible below 4000, all to save Ludia from giving away a lousy Epic incubator. I was about 4200 before the reset, was easy to keep that station, my team has improved massively since then and I could only get to 4000 about 2 hours ago, amazingly, I got a 24 hour incubator for that one match. I’m not fighting again until the next reset. Going forward, Good to hear that Ludia is keeping cheaters out of our way for the next tournament, though I must admit, cheaters weren’t the problem with the current tournament, there’s something else going on.


Was at 4300 before tournament but was stuck between 3900 & 4000 last week for days until I broke through it. What I did was to use every coin I could get to level up my Stegodeus. Breezed past 4100 but now losing battles yet again.

Even went as high as 4328 yesterday