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Get runes

why i dont get my runes for play Day Z to lvl 18 ?

This would be an issue you would take up with Tapjoy, as, to the best of my knowledge, Ludia does not have any control over this sort of thing.

Sometimes the rune reward can take a bit to show up in your account. A few hours, a day. Sometimes you need to restart the game for them to appear. But if this still doesn’t help and they’re being stubborn (which does happen from time to time), there is a way to contact Tapjoy directly in-game.

After clicking on Tapjoy, in the upper left hand corner you’ll see the three horizontal bars where you can see your Reward Status. Click on the game whose goal you have completed, and there should be an option to ‘Request Support’.

Fill out the form with your email, a brief explanation of the problem, a screenshot showing proof you completed the goal, and click the box agreeing to their ToS, and you can submit your ticket. You’ll soon get an email verifying they received your submission, in a few days their decision and possibly your runes.

Good luck, and I hope it gets resolved soon! :slight_smile:

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