Get to around 3900 then lose 10ish battles in a row


This is getting frustrating!! :rofl:

Work my way up to around 3900 then get screwed by the game:
Picking my worst possible line up for the dinos opponent has been give e.g. none of my tank killers vs party of tanks etc.
Bad runs of rng - stegoceratops stuns me 5+ times in a match including with minimal stun, opponent’s critting like mad, i-rexs dodging 100% of my attacks vs the reverse for me.

I know my line up needs a little work, I don’t have a decent negate dino, but I’ve still come close in fights if just a little luck had gone my way or just been more balanced.

What is frustrating is that it is once I’ve dropped back down to 3600-3700ish score, when I can then string some results together to get back to high 3800-3900 to then hit a bad run, rinse and repeat :confounded:


I have found it too. It cycles through all your dinos. Try losing 1 ot 2 on purpose so that wheb you move up again it might chnage the line up


no worry bro you are not alone, thats what its always happening to me :smile: and i decided to play as a collector for a while cause im really sick of these cheaters and players who waste their money crazily on this broke game.


I’m getting close to cancelling my VIP because of this cycle which appears to be deliberately (although I’m sure it is just coincidence) keeping me always shy of 4k when I used to be comfortably around 4300




You are at a level you are supposed to be at. Between 3,600 and 3,900. This isn’t your equilibrium spot where you will win and lose about 50% of the time. When you reach 3,90 it’s because the RNG or competition was in your favor. But then it goes the other way.

Everyone, whether a newbie or experienced, will hit an equilibrium spot and win/lose 50% of the time. Just not in exact sequential order of wlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwl.