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Get Unlocked From A Conversation

I think it’s ridiculous that “Once you’re locked in a conversation with a character, we can’t and won’t unlock it.”
There should be an option to do so. Especially when it happened because you logged in and suddenly get taken to a screen saying, “It’s a match!” Because someone you didn’t want has a crush. That glitch cost me a match I wanted.

There should be an option to pay or use gems to reset the match. Like if you wanted Rose and matched with Dahlia, $5 or 500 gems to reset and match with Rose to change to the counterpart. Or Nina and Antione. Got matched with Antoine because the app glitched and took you to the conversation instead of the timer option, $5 or 500 gems and reset it to match with who you want. Ludia REALLY needs to do this.


I agree, but I don’t think it should cost any real money. I think it should either cost gems to reset the storyline/switch counterparts, or it should be totally free and make the unmatching feature actually worthwhile. Like, if you unmatch a character and then swipe right on their counterpart, you start the story over with the counterpart instead. Maybe with a pop up saying, “are you sure you want to match with (unmatched character)'s counterpart? It will reset your progress in the story” with a yes or no option.


That’s a better idea. I wrote this in a hurry. That’s even better

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Ludia is frustratingly resistant to the idea of counterpart switching because so many people have been begging for this for ages and instead of adding it they added “interests.” :upside_down_face: But I like the idea of paying gems to switch to counterparts, and I’d absolutely do that. While I think it ideally should be free, maybe this suggestion is something they might actually consider because it potentially earns them money.

In terms of your problem with the VIP system auto-matching you, I THINK it’s possible to unmatch them if you don’t speak to them when you match and choose the option to talk later. Then you can switch to their counterpart. It used to work that way, at least, unless they changed it since I last tried it.


This feature definitely needs to be added, especially now we’re getting different gender counterparts to characters that used to be one gender only. And should definitely be free, or at least cost gems, never real money.

Though to be honest, I’m still more worried about how some of us still are getting timers and are unable to match with Franz/Ingrid.


I would GLADLY reset my progress with a charavter and have to rebuy options just for a chance to match with the match I actually want. I’m tired of resetting and losing the seasonals I already matched with just because now there’s a girl when I already settled settled a boy. Seriously makes me want to quit the game and not spend another dime.


I hope the admins and Ludia take notice of this comment. I bet you’re not the only one who feels this way. I hope they would be concerned

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The inability to switch definitely stopped me from spending money on the game. Literally. When I first downloaded I was having fun and bought gems. Then I found out about counterparts and that I’d have to restart to get them… which meant losing gems I paid for. I did restart. I have not spent a dime on the game since. Because what if I have to restart again for another counterpart? Lose all my money again? No thanks.