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Get win incubator anyway if match times out

Suggestion / idea :bulb: :

How about when a PVP match times out then the player automatically gets the win incubator as if they had won the match?

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The most frustrating part about PVP is how often the matches time out and nothing happens.
Especially when all you want is to just get that one win incubator so you can activate it and let it cook for a few hours.

that doesn’t sound like a good idea at all, like you don’t even do anything to earn it
what’s the point?


The point is you’d really, really would like to do something to earn it but the bug ridden match making routines time out all the time. And all you get is to watch a clock count down.

Until they finally fix the PVP time out bug (probably never) then give the poor player what they really want before they quit. No scores or anything have to change.

Or maybe if you get 3 match time outs in a row then you get the win incubator? This actually happens to me a lot. It wouldn’t be nearly as frustrating if I knew I may up getting an incubator anyway.

And if there were less people stuck in the endless match time outs loop then maybe Lydia’s match making routine would actually work better since it isn’t overloaded.

Some people would probably abuse it to get a lot of incubators

You can only have 4 at most of those incubators at one time so probably wouldn’t be much of a factor.

And what makes you think there isn’t someone abusing somehow the way that it is setup now and that’s what is causing all the timeouts?

A common incubator would be the best one. Aka the worst one.

Nah, it should just keep the same distribution order as it is now. If you’re due for a 12 hr then you’d get the 12 hr.

The whole point is that if Ludia can’t straighten out the match making then the player shouldn’t have to suffer through that until they fix it.

It would abuse the system if you would get the other incubators above.

The worst one would be the best incubator.

That would totally defeat the purpose. And would actually be worse than it is now… it would clog up my incubator holding slot with a common when I’m due for a 12 hour. Do you see how that is worse?

You can speed up that incubator or even paying for 3 bucks which is not A lot.

The incubator is only 15 mins.

Ya, ok. No thanks. Sounds like something someone working for Ludia would suggest. Spend more bucks, no problem.

I think it would be better to just give the next one player is due and keep the cycle rolling. Let’s say it takes 70 wins to cycle through and get the 24-hr win incubator and the player is on win 69, it’s not like they didn’t put their time in to get that 1 more win that is needed.

I agree with @Dino_cat about how people can abuse this, and it would be much much much worse if the rewards were good ones and went with the regular battle reward inc cycle. Again, you literally do nothing to earn these incubators so I think the 15 min incubator is best since you say you should at least get something for some reason.

If you were to get the good ones, that is abusing the system and it would be way to easy to earn incubators to get epic creatures for their dna to unlock or make their hybrids.

I’d rather take nothing then. 15 min incubator is a waste. The times it is most frustrating is when I know I’m due a 3+ hour next and I just want to win and get that 3 hour and start cooking it because I have something in the real world coming up. Just getting a string of 15 mins wouldn’t help anything.

You’r thinking of the ‘value’ of one incubator type over another but really it’s just the next one that the player has worked for and is now rightfully due.