Gettin a little antsy. When does next pvp season start?

Just curious.

Of course would love bug fixes first. But an announcement would be cool.


In the season 3 announcement they said:

“Finally, rest assured that this is by no means the end of Tournaments in Jurassic World Alive. We are now working on bringing a completely separate Tournament feature in a future update.”

Which makes it seem as though the next one wont be until the next big update. Also it will be different.


Most likely next year.


Yeah. I think they are seperating out pvp seasons (formerly known as tournaments) and actual level synced competitive content with tiered rewards and an entrance fee (aka tournaments).

Just a guess, though.

Gonna edit with a hashtag to see if I was right later :slight_smile:


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What LUDIA most likely meant is that they are finally going to weed out all the hackers / game cheats at long last by placing those greedy game stealing so and so’s into a separate area well away from the mainstream normal players that do play the game legitimately not cheat all the time like those guys always do, they stay in the top 100 or more players ranks of the seasonal tournaments making it totally impossible for a person that plays the game strictly by the rules to advance anywhere near to the top rankings on the board because it is over loaded by a mountain of cheating players all the damn time and to be quite honest there is well over 100,000 normal players ( legitimate people who play by the rules and dont cheat ) that are getting sick and tired of playing second fiddle to a bunch of blasted cheats all the damn time … end of story… sick, sick, sick and tired of it completely .!.

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Soon, I hope. I know everyone isn’t a fan of tournaments, but I’d just as soon see them roll over from one straight into the next. Arena is Arena is Arena. Might as well have a chance at earning extra rewards.


Yes hopefully December of next year

I would love a strictly voluntary tournament structure

You mean a seperate way to battle people thats not ranked, correct?

Hearthstone had this. Cr has a version of it.

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Exactly! That way I can just think about getting my incubators and decide whether I want to stress out over my trophies to get an epic incubator!


I hope they add this too :slight_smile:

They seem to release an update every two months, so probably the next update (with the tournament rework) will be mid january.

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My biggest issue with the game is the stressing out over trophies ( that’s what brings out the angry Roly and I don’t like angry Roly).

When there is no tournament I don’t care if I lose 5 in a row because I generally don’t care about trophies!

Haha i understand.

Yeah but last i played unranked in hearthstone like a year ago… it was just people playing meta decks beating up on people tring to get their dailys done

Someone commented that after the reset in the last tournament they were at 4500 so they did not fight again until it was over to get the epic! I actually enjoy battling for incubators and the longest I sat out was 4 days ( first tournament)

I would prefer to have a choice of tournament or daily incubators

Oh :frowning: thats sad.

Would be difficult to make work but id love tournaments with specific requirements ie non hybrid teams etc

This is exactly how they should work. Thats a big reason to seperate them from pvp seasons.

You can have themed tourneys.


Yeah and the themed tournies would create more revenue for ludia because people would be leveling yp stuff they didnt normally level…

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