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Getting a T Rex/Battle Rewarded Epic Incubators


So all I need are 9 more Dino DNA points to get a Tyrannosaurus Rex and the epic incubators stopped giving them to me.
Do I have to demote myself to arena 1 to get more, just hope I run into a T Rex, or do I have another option?


From what I’ve been told you can get it from arena 4 but I can’t confirm that, Keep getting kicked down from arena 3 to arena 2 every now and then :grin: highest i got was 1150 or so


I got the most of my Trex DNA from outside in parks and stuff I got very little from incubitor’s


You can get it from the higher tiers, but you can’t count on it. I demoted myself for one last 8hr incubator for my last Rex DNA because I was that close too.

But I’ve also been lucky to run into 3 wild ones so far, and saw 3 more that I couldn’t go get. Good luck, you’ll get it! :slight_smile:


I got my Trex a couple of days ago and as I said most of the DNA I got was from ones out in the wild ( in parks and on bus/train rides) which is a decent way of getting them as long as you’re quick


Not sure what kind of area you live in, but we found 3 T-Rexes today within a three town drive (approx. 30 minutes). They were on side streets and the last was in a plaza.