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Getting beyond frustrated w/randomness

The randomness of this game is starting to really tick me off. Has for awhile, but hitting all time highs

  1. Arenas: love losing before it even starts based off what creatures are chosen…ooo sweet I just got critical hit by a 5% again
  2. Green supply drops: this is an embarassment
  3. I dont wanna sound greedy…but all flippin week i haven’t gotten anything i need. No supply drops to catch, and incs have been dreadful. I have two accounts. And exactly what DNA I need on one account, I only got on the other, and vice versa. So annoying and aggravating

Just me venting after yet another week of unfun gameplay… my wife quite playing altogether because Arenas are terrible, and green supply drops are a joke


This has been me lately. Same old DNA, same dinos to catch. Any new hybrids are useless and not worth the effort to level.

Seems as though all the recent effort has gone into making raids the one thing you need to do each day.