Getting Boosts in incubators but I can’t find them to use them

I’ve just reached player level 10. Since being at nine, I’ve been inundated with boosts. Now that I’m a ten (minimum to use them, right?) I can’t find them - not even the one I just got at this level. Is there something I’m missing?

there isn’t an actual item in the bag for them. you go to your roster and click on a dino. then you can click on their health, attack, or speed and use boosts there.

Level 10 is the level you can COLLECT stat boosts, you need to wait to get to lvl 11 to USE stat boosts.

I did not know this. I thought it was lv 10 to use.

You can collect before lv 10.

Thanks! Is there any way to see what I’ve collected at this point? (Level 10)

When I want to check my boosts, I sort my roster by HP/DMG/SPD and after that boosts are shown in place of coins, cash and darts