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Getting cloosseer!


Getting closer to utarinex… slowly, but surely! The only thing thats stopping me is: coin! I have none of it…:fearful:
Well, i kinda need more sino and dracorex DNA… well, gotta farm t’ill the end…image image

BTW: give me some tips about how to get utarinex and dracorex… and just tips in general… thanks!

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For Dracorex, just do your rounds in L2. They are anytime rares so you should come up with at least a couple of them in less than an hr. Im 20 dna away from Utanirex, just need more Sino!


I would be holding off on pushing towards utahrinex till 1.6 patch notes hit. And i might even wait till 1.6 goes live… just incase of the nerf. Collect the dna by all means but dont spend till patch hits and we know for sure how its going.

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Biggest tip for utarinex i can give is to press the fuse button a lot of times!
Good luck ^^


Thanks! Hopfully i will get more than 10 a fuse