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Getting close

Screenshot_20190901-204359_JW%20Alive feels like I’m almost there but still so far away

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Dsungaia will always be far away for me because they won’t do an event with Dsungaripterus.

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its disappointing

Remove everything except Dioraja, Gemini, and Ardentis, and thats where im st in terms of what i need still

nice I have brachi at lvl 19 like 200 dna more for lvl 20 but September will help me with her

Dioraja: 210/250
Ardentis: 30/250
Gemini: 110/250

The disappointing thing to me is that they had an event with Dsungaripterus a couple months ago, but none of that little bird’s DNA dropped for me. I had my fingers crossed for every strike tower, but RNG was cruel.

I finally unlocked the last creature this morning. I got a good fuse on Gemini and for now that’s it. Sure seems odd not having any at the bottom.

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So close to my 8th Unique. I will finish it Saturday as Ourano is one of the event creatures.

I’d be lucky to get enough Ourano from the sanctuary’s through the week to get 50 DNA on Diloranosaurus to even do one fuse on Diloracheirus before Saturday but I will try. Maybe get some lucky good fuses and maybe get a 30 on the big guy.

Of all the critters, this is what I have left:
Utarinex is next.

We’re opposites, I need Dilophosaurus DNA but I have over 2000 Ourano.

Usually get to about 4 left and then another update drops.

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