Getting Dinos faster than I can hatch them

I imagine all of you have hit this problem at some point – I’m a VIP at Level 63, so between daily events, lotteries, and LP packs I have a lot of dinos coming in, including legendaries. Problem is, the creatures worth using at this point take about a week to hatch (unless they’re VIP), so I can’t hatch them fast enough. Right now I have over 100 dinos in the bank, and I’d say at least 20 or 30 of them are Legendary.

Is there a dinobucks strategy that can solve this issue? When should you spend them, and how many should you always have around? (RN I have 1,500.) Curious to hear how you guys have worked around this.


I had this problem for the first year and a half of playing the game especially as a VIP member since you get at least two more legendary creatures a week than a none VIP player. It wasn’t until I became comfortable with selling creature cards did I get in front of the curve. Which is a personal decision for everyone and how their particular game play goes.

DB I typically like to keep 30-40k on hand but if a need arises to spend them I do. Typically I can hold off on spending to much until I get to 50k but then something comes up that makes me want to spend a bunch. Again this is a personal threshold for everyone, some folks spend them as they get them and some folks have hundreds of thousands on hand just in case.

I’m only at level 41 and I’m starting to hit that problem. I’m also struggling with food and DB too haha.

Easter was 40% off the hatchery, if you had DB that could have really help clear them out.

I have the same problem. (Currently VIP too)

First, you need to clear out your market.
Second, you hatch everything as they come in. You’ll need to buy out some dinos to do this. Don’t buy out the cheap ones. The ROI on DB buyout is better for the longer running dinos.
Third, with your market clear, keep fossil decoration for offers in the trade harbor.

It has been a delicate balance, but I’ve been able to keep a clear market and a couple 1000s DB.

Lastly, I start all of my missions in the morning. If I don’t have a hatchery spot for the “prize” I’ll leave the last battle until one opens up (if one is opening up today). Otherwise, I buy out the most expensive one I can afford and place there.

I also don’t get the gold lottery pack until Thursday. I wait until a point in the day that I can place that dino hatching right away.

This week, the tournament ended on Tuesday at noon instead of Monday, so the 7day dino I got missed the hatchery discount window. So, I’ll see how that is going to go as I’ll need a spot today and I’m a little short on DB to buy him out without the 20% off.

I’d recommend hatching what you need right now. (And anything you don’t have unlocked.)

I’d recommend selling in the trade harbor all of the other dinos any time you get an offer for DB or LP. Maybe even DNA as you’ll only be at about a 50% DNA loss if you pay for them later.

Having a full market of dinos doesn’t help you, unless you need all of them and can’t get them later for DNA.

Edit: I should also add, this has one big draw back. I don’t often get to pick what I want to hatch. I’m at the mercy of the game to pick for me. I do get to pick shorter running hybrids for the first chamber. Long stuff ends up being when either I have the DB to buy in a discount window or if it is a “slow” event hatching week.


Do the earn cash for free things and then speed up the hatching.