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Getting Error in a chat

So I matched with Cpt. Muffin and the status was leveling up and froze. So I quit the app and go back in and then I started to get a Error message when I try to go into that chat. I deleted the game and logged out and logged back in and it still show the error.

Anyway coild this be fixed


that error pops up often still at other times,no idea when it will really be gone at this point😕

Hey Missy, I’m sorry that this pesky error is causing issues again. Could I ask you to reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can investigate?

Thank you!


Same error here with Cpt. Muffin. I’ve already messaged the support team and was told there was nothing I could do but wait for a fix, CM ended up unmatching me because I couldn’t reply.

If it does get fixed, if you ever match with Cpt. Muffin again later on the story will at least resume where you left off. I’m sorry you were unmatched though and have the error. It sounds really frustrating.

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