Getting Farther with Flocks... Snakes?

I play so many different teams, I can see the strengths and weaknesses of the different creatures.

When ever I play flocks, I tend to win, especially with the ones that dodge which can survive the Thors. You can generally beat teams who are two levels higher than your flocks if they don’t have a counter.

If flocks are becoming a problem, the good counters are the counter-attackers as often, you can “take out two birds with one stone”.

Troodoboa is one great flock counter right now. I felt bad as I took out a team that threw two flocks at me who managed to make it into the bottom of Avairy. This guy is practically a better monster than Hydra Boa.


Both Troodo and Hydra now have this instant attack, but with Toodo’s counter, it eats flocks alive and swallows them whole, taking out two birds with one stone.

I like playing the newer flocks as they are difficult if someone doesn’t have a counter-attacker or bleeder, but I also love my snakes as I am working to level them a little to have the creature levels closer together.


Seconded. Troodoboa’s buff made it so much better against flocks and I love it.

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I usually use snakes against flocks too. Especially since spinocons dot can take out flocks at once (unless they cleanse) or their counter attack can deal extra damage