Getting frustrated with all the nickle and diming

I find myself getting more and more frustrated at this game nowadays, because of all the ways that Ludia is handling the economy within the game.

Most recently, the Custom Trades were reduced from 3 down to 2.

That’s whats really bothering me, because all of this stuff has been happening prior:

  • MODS are trash values in the trade harbor despite being able to trade more than just 1, which it seems like a design decision since boosters were just good cards to trade with resources.
  • SR and Legendary Mods are only* obtainable via dbux, whereas Boosters would only cost dbux if you didn’t have enough resources or happened to be missing a sparing dino.
  • Dbux % being heavily nerfed from the switch from “Legendary” packs to “Golden.” (Now Ludia gives us too many legendaries that we can no longer trade 1 in per custom trades resets)

It feels like this game has gotten too grindy, because even the top-tier mods require dbux to obtain. Several times I’ve had second thoughts with my VIP subscription because the 2000 DNA per day is pocket change when you’re a top-tier player. The VIP battles only happen twice a week, and the only good thing about the events are the massive LP you gain from the packs plus the 2x VIP multiplier. There are VIP tournaments but they occur less than a blue moon. Then the 50,000 VIP dino packs feel worthless when the 10,000 packs are far cheaper, you get 5 VIP dinos for the cost of 1 50k, and you get more resources, I.e dbux.

The 2x multiplier is the only way I feel I get treated fairly as a VIP member, and it no longer feels worth it when this game has become a grind mess with a wacky economy.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll tolerate it.

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It’s correct, the game is getting harder.

Maybe it has reached a phase where Ludia acquires less new players. Since they still want to make money out of it, not only from VIP contributions, they possibly think this could be obtained by making resourses harder to get without spending real money.


If true, then it’s actually scaring away players.

Why not give us more dinos, or overhaul the economy? Making loyal players shell out more money to bypass the harsher grind will scare players off, like me potentially.

Instead of working with us, they’re working against us.


i have a feeling that this game is nearing the end of its life span and their trying to squeeze whatever money they can get out of their players before shutting it down. console game companies do it all the time after 3 to 4 years, so i dont see any reason why ludia wouldnt do that too after four years of this game being in existence.

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Your post makes me nightmares.

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im not saying that its a certainty, its just a feeling.

I do remember seeing on one of the FB groups that one of the other Jurassic World games was ended recently (Evolution was it? Not sure the name). So it wouldn’t surprise me, but having paid for a year VIP membership, I’d be pretty mad if I don’t get a full year of use out of that, which would NOT include nerfing the game so much it loses any enjoyment at all.

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To play devil’s advocate for a few movements, there have been some improvements to the game that balance things out a bit.

Daily missions starting at 0800hrs Eastern Time. In my opinion, this is a great change.

Daily mission reward dino bucks are higher. I think it’s 140 dino bucks per day, plus whatever the completion pack yields.

The creation lab offers evolution tubes, with the second starting at 50 dino bucks. This beats the 200 dino bucks for a second tube.

Mod packs have come down in dino buck price and the super rare level is available for DNA at times.

Mods are a great way to burn off extra coins. Economy of mods seems odd still.

That said, I get everyone’s point but I’m not personally seeing it. I seem to be gaining dino bucks at a faster rate. Which in turn allows me to spend more. The game’s currency are all virtual, and for my time, I still find the VIP membership worth it for the hours I play per week.


I agree with you, there are still plenty of ways to earn free dino bucks. And MOD’s in general are great for burning off gold when you don’t get a trade for a lot of food or DNA.

But similarly, i can see why people are getting annoyed with Ludia seemingly making these changes that seem to encourage you to spend more cash.

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I am on the same page as you are @Potato. Yes Ludia has nerfed the amount of DB in certain packs but all of the changes you mention are ways they have reduced the cost of spending them as well. I generate somewhere around 5-6,000 DB a week just playing the game. Over the time of the tournament this weekend I generated about 2,000 and that’s with the final pack having only 500 DB in it. This is also after spending a decent amount on the tournament as well as all of the normal things like TH refreshes, keeping all of my fuse pods going, and keeping my hatchery full.
Beginning of tournament

End of tournament:

Yes I would like to earn them faster (I mean who wouldn’t) but I think Ludia is doing a decent job at trying to keep the balance.


To each their own but I don’t think we should lower our standards and accept a lesser product just because we still continue to play the game as a reduced product. The game has been changed to reduce the output of resources in an effort to encourage players to spend more money.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Ludia a lot and the games they make. I understand in the end of the day they’re a business and they’re trying to make money. I’m not just going to jump off the ship because of a couple features that I don’t like

That said, it’s definitely fair to criticize the changes we don’t agree with and challenge Ludia to do better, especially when many of us consider the game to be much better before.

As a way ahead I think that incorporating Mods as an optional feature like they did this week was a great step in the right direction and one can hope they will continue to do this…

But the Mods trade value definitely needs to get fixed, I know @Sionsith described how that happened (and it makes sense, and he’s probably right in terms of how the issue happened in the first place) but we’re going on several weeks now with this messed up economy in the TH; which is an issue that hasn’t even been addressed by Ludia… So we have no idea if they plan to “fix,” it or even if they will ever acknowledge it as a problem.

Otherwise if they just brought back better DB trades to come across our plates in the TH (Like it was before Ludia heavily reduced them last year) then I think it would fine.

Also where the heck did the once a week massive SDNA trades go? Once Ludia unveiled the Mods I never saw these again. All we can do is hope that these will come back, I guess… :man_shrugging:

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I don’t see Jurassic World the Game being at the end of life. The Jurassic World franchise continues, though the movies are crap the franchise is still very successful (a bit like a smaller Star Wars).
I mean look how this is still a major part of LEGO every year and for kids the Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park/World being the most iconic of all (everyone would think of a T-Rex exactly like it looks in Jurassic Park!)

This isn’t a guarantee, I’ve seen companies discontinue games and just replace it with a similar version (e.g. PES Card Collection by Konami) though that usually backfires as the community isn’t taking that very well. Here it’s even more complicated as the VIP program must be huge for Ludia in terms of fixed income. So with the franchise successfully going on, Ludia would be I’ll advised to get rid of this game.


Hmm, I can’t remember that I ever saw a SDNA trade.

I like your post, @Potato.
Seeing all these positive improvements that took place shows that Ludia is obviously trying to balance the game. Let us assume that their intentions are good.

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It started out as a weekly DB-SDNA trade in the TH. Then there was a daily DB-SDNA trade during the last few weeks when all the Booster-SDNA trades were popping up. Then when the boosters were eliminated from the inventory we never got another DB-SDNA trade again.

I think that was only for a limited time. I would be very happy if they changed the trades of the MODs as only for decent amounts of SDNA in the TH. Especially as they add more SDNA to the game it would be a good way to keep those various SDNA options available to players.


Ooooo, don’t tempt me with a good time. Lol

That would be fantastical but probably only a pipe dream.

When they announced the boosters will be going. They made a lot of booster trade in exchange for S-DNA. Which was good for me, sense it help me with my Dilopsuchus, lol.

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I was always aware that those offers for boosters were only temporarily. I must have missed the weekly trades all the time.

Yeah, I knew the Boosters-SDNA trades were definitely temporary because boosters were going away…

I had a small ray of hope that perhaps the Mods would have continued the trend with Mods-SDNA trades, or at the very least that Mods would have been worth more than the boosters in the TH for regular trades.

Unfortunately the truth is that Mods are actually worth near zero and just clog up the TH.

The DB-SDNA trades were very nice and I thought these would be a permanent thing. Those showed up before the Boosters-SDNA trades and used to stay pinned at the top of the TH. These gave us a really good reason to spend DBs in swaths which is why I thought Ludia would want to keep offering these in the game.

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