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Getting Half DNA from donations?

So lately I been getting half the DNA my alliance donates to me? I dont know if it’s a glitch or not but sometimes I’d get 110 DNA of a rare dino and when I collect it, it says 55 instead. Any reason why it’s been doing this?

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How about over the max DNA? It’s just a visual glitch though.

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Yeah I been getting that too, it annoys me but if it’s just visual then that’s fine haha

I just noticed this tonight as well. Are we sure it’s a visual glitch because I picked up a 320 Lion request that showed alliance members had donated 320, but it only gave me 160. I didn’t screenshot because I wasn’t thinking, but I will for next request. It’s happened a few times but I thought I was just not seeing it right.
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I have one alliance member constantly saying he collects less than the shown amount of donations. I joke around saying ludia has raised their taxes on donations to make up for lost boost revenue. But it is a real issue for that one player. I haven’t experienced it tho.

Well I got the screenshot this time… Still getting less dna than is being donated…

Yeah it’s still happening to me

That’s some weird stuff. I hope this gets cleared up for everyone soon. :blush:

This is a visual glitch that shows too much dna than its donated. Restarting the game fix this.

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Hey Christopher, usually restarting the game should show the correct amount of DNA that was donated to you. You can also tap on the “i” icon before tapping on collect after the donation time is up.

However, please feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key and our team could take a closer look as well.

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I opened a support in game. It was showing that the correct amount had been donated, just didn’t receive that amount. I don’t know if it’s cenozoic or the lion bc I haven’t had problems out of any others.