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Getting increasingly frustrated with this game

I’ve literally just walked for 10 minutes during my lunch break to dart a kentrosaurus, only for it to disappear 213 feet away. There NEEDS to be a solution to this Ludia. Numerous people have complained about this issue and you keep sticking your damnned head in the sand.

Are you trying to piss non-spoofing players off? Why shouldn’t I beam in right next to a Dino if you can’t even encourage normal gameplay? Just put on a despawn timer or make sure it won’t disappear if it is selected, easy.

This is far from the first time this has happened to me. I’ve already stopped buying hard cash regularly and I’m close to stopping my VIP membership.

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Just curious, when you first saw the Kentro on your screen, did you tap on it at any point before reaching it?

From my experience if I see something on the screen that I want if I tapped on it, in the early days when sometimes I wasn’t familiar with what dino it was, by the time I reached it, it had disappeared. But these days, as i’m familiar with all dinos that spawn, I never tap them until I reach them and they rarely disappear.

I felt it was like there was some sort of invisible timer from the first time you tap a specific dino for it to then disappear. But I dunno, that’s just what seemed to happen to me.

Interesting thought, yeah I did tap on it a few times…will try your theory out.

Still if Ludia actually bothered engaging with their player base this wouldn’t be a problem.

Sorry to hear that… you gotta know if the kentro was there 10 minutes ago when u last checked… that can help u get the dino.

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Probably just a coincidence that!

As for the despair timer I 100% agree, I had 3 Trex spawn all within a few hundred meters of each other a few weeks back (yep 3 and all could be seen on screen at same time, they were THAT close), managed to capture 1, then the other 2 both despawned!

Needless to say I wasn’t happy!


It may just be a coincidence, but it used to happen a hell of a lot.

I may be incorrect, but i have found a lot of dinosaurs disappear at the start of a new hour.
I was watching a trex for 40minutes until i finished work, and 9pm on the dot it disappeared.
Saw this happen a few times but maybe a coincidence i dunno

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This one was certainly not on the turn of the hour. Can see why that makes logical sense though. Will check this out, thanks.