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Getting JWA Field Guide ready for the big 1.9 release!

Who’s excited???

Indoraptor Gen 2!

Indominus Rex Gen 2!


You do great work! Thanks guys.


Thank you for your service.

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You’re awesome Matt, can’t wait to see it! :smiley:

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Thanks guys. Super excited to try them out.

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Thanks @araT :slight_smile:

looking good!! a sweet addition would be to add some algorithm to see what sp(sanctuary points) each creature gives at any level and boosts.

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wow, i see you found a new way to deal with lvl+boosts.
seems perfect! :clap:

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Thanks @AndreMR ! As simple as it seems, it took me awhile to think through a really easy way to set the Levels and Boost tiers! The cool thing is that the STATS and MOVES sections change immediately when you change the Level/Tiers. And also they save so when you come back in you don’t have to set them again! Hopefully everyone finds that useful!


Hey @Pateradactyl! I’m going to wait to see how Sanctuaries change in v1.9 and then I’ll see how to best add that info to the app.


Loving the changeable settings. Will be very helpful :blush:

Hey @leylandlad97! So far I’ve found them VERY useful in my testing! Hopefully you guys will love it too!

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@MattEllis how you add new creatures after update? since they are hidden in game, you need contributors unlock them to give you stats?

Such a great app! Thanks!


I get the info (and pictures!) multiple ways. Usually I grab the data from people posting screenshots and videos of the new Dino’s. I also pull data from the GamePress website to fill in all the gaps. In the end, I try to have a very accurate and complete app!


You sir, are awesome.


Much appreciated @Rothferd :wink:

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Available now on IOS ! Thanks a lot @MattEllis

The added function is very useful . No need to scroll down anymore!

Jealousy… want for android too. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

edit: out here. :heart_eyes:

Hey @MattEllis is it possible you can add a calculator which you input how much DNA you have of certain creatures to see how far you can level the hybrids based on an average DNA fuse of 20?