Getting kicked out of matches

This has been happening for months and nothing has been done about it. 125 bug fixes but the ones that we cared about went ignored.

There are multiple ways I get kicked out of a match. Sometimes when its time to choose a new creature they turn gray and the game goes on autoplay, sometimes when I hit an attack button it disappears and the game goes on autoplay, sometimes the sceen goes pink and I’m kicked completely out of the app, other times it gives me the count down screen and when I restart the app guess what? I’m in the middle of a match having my dinos beaten down without me.

I have lost hundreds of trophies to this and it is getting ridiculous. I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, I have tried clearing the cache and data and don’t even tell me to contact support because I have many times about it already with little to no response other than “We are looking into this” which basically means they aren’t.

First picture just happened this morning and it definitely wasn’t the first time. I hit the button and it dissapeared leaving the rest of the moves up but it went on autoplay and I was helpless

What are you doing Ludia!? Fix the game already! I have played many different games on my phone but have never had one have so many issues. Its clear the issue is you


I lost two matches to this today.

Both times the buttons never appeared on the bottom of the screen for me as the timer went to zero, and then it auto-played for me. It’s obvious it is communication lag from the server to the game, but my connection was rock-solid. The problem was with JWA and the server(s) it talks to.

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Yeah its definitely not on my end. I have super fast internet and a new nice phone I upgraded in hopes that that would fix my problem

Allow me to refer you to -

They have no clue. That’s why it’s not fixed.

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I just wish another company would make Ludia an offer they can’t refuse for JWA. I really enjoy this game but the cons are starting to outweigh the pros

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This has been happening to me for weeks like all the time. Is super frustrating. Purple flashes , screen freezing and moves not being selected or greyed out.

Attached some of mine.


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Thank you for the additional support photos. Usually when this happens I restart my app so fast I always forget to take a screenshot.

This is a major bug in the game that causes people to unfairly lose trophies and it has been happening for months. Its almost like its a part of the arena RNG now, whoever is the unlucky one who gets disconnected loses

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This happens to me everyday at least 5-7 times per day out of 15 battles . Never really tracked but it’s a lot. I’ve already sent a email to support 1+ weeks ago and have shared all over the forum. They might merge this topic no surprise

I basically only attempt to get incubators hoping for AI and for my daily battle incubator for boosts. Other wise I probably wouldn’t battle I went from 5529 to 5000 achievements now I can win 1 then lose 1 and get glitches out of some and lose. Even most of the time I try to reset it doesn’t allow me to select moves.

At this point I’d quit but I’ve put a lot of time and money into game and we all know missing daily free boosts can’t happen or your done lol

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What usually happens to me is after we each take a turn the buttons for the next turn don’t show up, the timer stays at 0, and the animations just roll as if on hold. If I’m lucky my dino will suddenly do its basic move then I can resume the match. If not I have to restart the game and lose the match - and the trophies.


I was told by one of the developers that the problem may stop if you don’t have any other app in the background while playing JWA

Yeah I’m pretty sure most of us know this. I always restart my phone and make sure no other apps are running while I have JWA up and the issues still happen. Its the game


I also want to add that getting the countdown screen is really annoying. I shouldn’t have to restart my app so much just trying to get a match

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I had one match today where I was just about to take out my opponents 2nd dino and no buttons or my rawster of dino’s on the bottom didn’t show. The timer stuck at 0. I killed and reloaded and when I got back in was happy to see I won but I think the whole match crashed because I got in faster than if it had continued by itself, 15 seconds per move.

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That’s not true. I clear cache nothing to do with anything in background. It wouldn’t be happening to this many people and this often. Who told you that?

iPhones hold power button down till it prompts for turn off then hold home button down till it clears.
I’ve ran this test with GPU/CPU ran checks everything’s fine.
Maybe if you were running a 1G device and apps running it would close app on you. 1G devices aren’t recommended anyways I have a tablet that can barely run JWA and it doesn’t shut down randomly. But it’s super slow.

Purple flashing I’m seeing would be GPU/CPU . I think graphics issues amongst other bugs

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1 in 3.

I’ve been battling all day and that is the average of battles that glitch out. 33%.



Yup. I think I glitch out of about a fourth of my matches.

And the majority of the time when I’m searching for a match it puts me into a pointless countdown screen forcing me to restart the app and try again. Sometimes that’ll happen multiple times in a row


I’ve had the pink screen flashes like crazy. Lost a total of 200+ trophies from it. I’ve reported it and got the same answer. Can’t screen shot the pink flash, so close out the game… lose more trophies. Keep playing on map, " battle times out" keeps popping up. I’ve never had to close out game and restart so many times while playing. Friends won’t load, it’s like sit and spin( not my phone or connection) Won battles, couldn’t activate incubator, closed game, opened up to " opponent wins" . Used to love the game before this, now I’ve almost thrown my phone at a wall way to many times !!

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:joy::joy: You got that right! I feel like I’m playing a slot machine, instead of trying to battle Dinos.

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