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Getting more players in tournaments

@Ludia_Developers One way you might entice more players into tournaments would be the remove the entry fee. This is what holds a lot of players back as the bulk of players in general find it hard to break even.

If they seen there was no risk involved they would be more likely to take part.

Also it would really help of you made 100% sure of prizes and rule details BEFORE posting f the announcement…as changing after its started gives the feeling of bait and switch.


With the best will in the world, it’s nothing to do with the entry fee. It’s the paltry rewards for participation that are a joke, and if they want more people to enter they should be making the rewards worthwhile.


Yes the rewards do need to be better but the bulk of players are lower to mid range players anyway, and if they see that they pay an entry fee and dont get anything they wont bother.

Entry fee remove on top of increases rewards would work =)

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This. This. This. I 100% agree with this.

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I think keep the entry fee, but dont make it expensive. Coins or 25 cash is fine. The main thing is to up the rewards, and quite a bit. It especially made no sense that the last unique tourney had higher entry fee but lower payout than many we have had in the last with lower rarity dinos.

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I have read posts from players saying due to how they generally place, come out as a loss…so I feel players would benefit from free entry, which in turn means more battles and participation.

If they pay entry, battle all weekend and come out behind, they wouldn’t bother again.

We need to take into account lower level newer player also.

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Entry fee is fine and should stay. If they would give better rewards, more players would participate.
If we look this weeks tournament. Rewards are bad joke. 2 cash participation reward? You can get 2 cash spinning drop thats not in inner circle. From free incubator you get 3 cash.

I will probably participate just for fun and to take a break from meeting same dinos in same order in arena. Won’t care about placement this time.

As long as the participation reward is greater than the entry fee, people will play.

If you want me to spend time battling in one of these tournaments 1. Make worthwhile rewards for the effort and 2. Most importantly change speed ties to RNG. I’m in Australia, I rarely win speed ties and there is no point or fun for me doing an equal level tournament where I lose based on server proximity rather then being outplayed or even RNG. I can live with random crits and dodges admittedly still frustrating but I will not be fodder for other teams due to lazy programming of speed ties


As far as speed ties goes, why not give priority to the dino that is selected first? First dino in getting first attack makes more sense than who has the fastest finger.

If you want to take a long time deciding which dino to send in, you would be doing it at the risk of being slower than an equal level/speed dino.

I used to participate in every tournament but now I don’t see any motivation to do so anymore. The rewards are a joke and nothing to waste time working towards

Might also help players want to do tournaments if they can possible earn incubators for wins just like arena? that way even those who don’t place are getting something for their time?

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I lose all tiebreakers because of where I live. So the tournaments aren’t a good indicator of ability.