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Getting really annoyed with scent skrikes

For the last three months now I have been doing the scent strikes every Monday and Thursday (along with the specialist ones for specific scent capsules). With regards the standard scent strikes I have received nothing better than a large standard scent capsule in the last three months, no rare or epic capsules at all and it is starting to get on my nerves.

I understands they are available to buy using hard cash but I want to save that for better things, am just unlucky or is there something I am doing wrong as I always use the same four dinos, L23 Thor, L24 Indo, L21 Erlindom and L18 Indo G2 this is my goto team but only since I unlocked the Erlindom is this my mistake using three uniques?

All scent strikes except specific ones can either award you a 5 minute, a 20 minute, a rare, or an epic. It’s all rng. Hope this helps

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I am aware of this, however both my children and wife play and have had rare and epic scent capsules from the scent strikes where I have only got large, I know it is a random generation which you will get but three months of the same is getting a bit gauling!

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I got an epic from today’s scent strike. Why get mad? It’s a free reward for doing 3 small battles that count toward your daily/alliance battle count.


50% shot at common
30% shot at rare
20% shot at getting an epic.

50/50 shot…

Which explains why they almost always give a common.

The 5 minute common ones should probably be taken out of the mix. Going out hunting and to do towers takes effort and that is ok, but sometimes it’s a little more effort than what it is worth. Remember when the tower had to be in the small circle before they modified it to include the whole perimeter of the radar?


Yeah it’s another crazy RNG thing. I’ve completed at least 80% of the scent strikes that gave been out and have only gotten 3 epic scent capsules.

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Probably got about 8 since its introduction. 1 per month or so.