Getting really over RNG


I just have to have a vent and a whinge !!!

I am so sick of the RNG - Just lost 4 battles in a row 100% due to RNG… And my dino’s were a higher level, or of better health or just rejuvenated etc… and just got RNG’d……

stun lock after stun lock, I can’t stun to save my life (even with 75% chance)… their I-Rex dodges 2 hits in a row, mine can’t even dodge 1 hit…

I mean come on, 4 battles…… in a row… takes the thought process out of it… I mean I do use RNG when I throw my I-Rex in as a last ditch effort to win, with just a little hope it might actually dodge something (mine sucks, it rarely dodges anything, but if I can last 2 hits I can hit them up)

Don’t even get me started on criticals…… get a critical off the opponent with a 5% dino, my 20% one… I actually cannot remember when it has ever done a critical…

And breathe, thank you for reading, I’m off to have a cuppa tea… and leaving my battles alone because it’s depressing. Dropped over the last few days from 3700 odd to 3544 as of now…


Yeah this game is pretty low skill right now.


It’s pretty sad that so many people defend this garbage and say that it makes the game more interesting to have completely random crits and stuns that have no skill requirement whatsoever.


I’m not so sure it’s completely random, and I believe it’s not about making it more interesting but about making it a bit more intentionally unbalanced, so in the end it’s not just about the stats of your dinos and who’s the fastest and who’s the strongest, which would make the game 100% p2w. If you add strategy and try to always consider the chance of not getting your stun or your critical, rng is sort of easy to deal with, or at the very least a bit easier to digest.

Now, I do agree that those unnatural streaks of just awful luck make it look like the worst idea ever, but you also have to consider those 5% crits you magically landed that changed the outcome of a fight.

Still, keep on venting!! I find it’s the best way to feel a bit better and I assume it’s also one of the points of having a forum.

Cheer up, and best of lucks on your next fights!!


Being on the unlucky recieving end is never fun. I think we can all agree we lost battles due to poor luck even if we are higher level. Part of this luck factor keeps chances balanced for people with less time or money. The alternative would be boring. The one with highest level is the winner. Everone from arena 7 or up is exp enough to know the simple rock paper scissor to fight with. Luck does keep games exciting it gives chance even if the odds are against you. Perhaps you can argue how much luck should be involved but without it you might as well remove batteling completly and just rank people for their level of dinos.

The way that people get their teams isnt even slightly equal either. For example thinking off major changes in the game like veliciraptor used to be easy farmable and now not anymore or the fact that you need 200 dna for some hybrids instead of 50. People that had more time then have a huge advantage already.


Levels aren’t everything, using the right team selection and using certain dino’s against others because they counter the other is the way battles work. But when your dino that should have beaten the other one because of the fact that it counters it and then dies because of pure luck, that ruins the game , makes it unfun and defeats the purpose of even having ranked matchmaking, especially when there’s always at least one crit(or stun) in every match and that one crit(or stun) can change the match completely, not because of skill but because of luck.


In theory match making should give you close matched battles, and so no “easy wins”, thus quite likely a bit of RNG luck makes all the difference . First pick makes a difference too - if opponent has a perfect counter then its bad luck.
If you want easy wins, drop arenas.