Getting really sick of this exclusive crap

So for the past couple of updates I’ve been noticing a new trend from ludia, them putting almost every single solitary epic dino that has been recently introduced behind either a paywall or a limited time event. They’ve done this with the rhino (now thankfully not exclusive), mammoth, allo G2, turtle (which is park locked), and now boa G1. It’s getting really old to either grind for hours or pay to unlock a new epic to even begin on their hybrids. This game is leaning more from “pay to win” to “pay to play”, Which really saddens me to see. And ludia is obviously being very cheap with boa G1 right now. During it’s time in the wild they nerfed it’s spawn rates to the ground after day one, then the boa tournament gives decently underwhelming rewards, and now the dilophoboa strike doesn’t even reward the boa. I think these problems could be easily fixed if ludia listened to their community instead of doing whatever they felt like. End of rant lol


This! Ludia 100% ludiad this game! Ludia ludia!!?!?!!

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And its only going to get worse

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The only good thing about it is it keeps the meta relatively stable due to the fact that aging teams are still relevant.
Not much reboosting, leveling, or driving going on so the game is actually cheaper.
The downside? A stale main arena.

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It also helps give some visibility of hackers and spoofers

Ludia is sending us a message:

Get yourself an iPhone and go Godmode.

That’s the message I’m getting right now, they WANT us to cheat.

I don’t get it.

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They absolutely don’t want us doing that. That’s the opposite of what they want

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I disagree completely.

They have done nothing to stop it. I surf those channels. Nothing.

Their inaction sends a message.

What inaction? Ludia devs have done so much to stop the spoofing issue, way more than pokemon go and yet people like you sit here and criticize them?

Your profile picture foold me into thinking you were Justin Y.

Stop complaining about exclusives. You keep complaining then they will add more and possibly remove sanctuaries!

That sounds like sarcasm. Can’t really tell.

would be nice if a new creature could be arena relevant in less than 6 months. wont be seeing (legit) spinoconstrictors until august :sweat_smile:


i’d say a bit sooner. those with lv 20 sancs can get 114 titanoboa dna per day if they use all the free sanc items. (more if it’s boosted i think.) But it is an apex tier dino. not sure how many would be willing to level it before tyrants.

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Rich Kid Tournament…joke.

Clearly, you don’t follow the ways to cheat, and the many channels.

But, by all means… tell me exactly what the devs have done to stop cheaters. “so much” as you say.

I’m very much interested in hearing this!

They do banwaves getting rid of hundreds or even thousands of cheaters at once, they even have a open system to where anybody can report suspicious content. And I’m pretty sure they do smaller banwaves that aren’t even talked about frequently

Pretty much my thoughts on the matter, give it a read if you wanna know more about my ideas on it :wink:


Theyve done nothing? Lol they do monthly bans. Theyve done ALOR to remove cheaters.

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See this is the real problem

Players that grind alot get bored if there are NO exclusives. Now your pissing them off simply because of boredom themselves.

Then you got sanctuary exclusives which takes a relatively long time to level up. Atleast 6 months on those creatures if you focused on them. Aka. Geminititan.

There is no win here. You get rid of exclusive you piss some one off. You keep them you piss others off. This is why I’ve always said WE are the main problems to this game.