Getting rid of exclusives

Exclusives shouldn’t exist anymore. They are extremely hard to get and it seems like most epics coming into the patches now are exclusives which is annoying cuz it means that its hard to level them pas 12 after the epic incubator and that there will be more exclusive uniques, resulting in the fact that other uniques wont ever be in championships such as tryko or indo or erlidom. There needs to be another way to find dinos more specifically which i think is why there are exclusives to make more variety on the map. maybe there could be a filter on scents of maps so you can get a specific species or group of dinos for a period of time. ex: raptors for 1 hour, rexes for 1 hour, sauropods for 1 hour. this could be a filter of giga scents.


No, execlusives exist for a reason, exactly to be harder to obtain, and there hybrids should be stronger so the creature that is harder to get has more of a reward. They also give more of a meaning to championships, weekly events, alliance rewards…, and adding one execlusive per update doesen’t make a massive diffrence if theres like 4 other regularly ovtained dinos in there too

its kinda annoying that all the new epics are exclusives tho, not all but most, like sonaro, and now the new anklyosaur

at the very least, they could rotate around what is exclusive. retire some stuff that has been exclusive for a while and introduce some stuff that has been relativity more common. Availability can always change. (like brachi and irritator) so it isn’t unreasonable to ask for some long time exclusives to be not exclusive anymore. i don’t mind new stuff being exclusive as much.

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That would problably spark some contrevercy like it did in 2.0

Exclusives aren’t terrible as long as they give us access to them. Since 2.0 came out, we’ve had several chances to dart Allo G2, Nasutoceratops and Arctops have gotten entire months, and a lot of the new epic exclusives have been available in strike towers soon after their release. And that’s all amazing. But some exclusives have been overlooked. I don’t think there’s been any chances (or at least very few chances) to get Wuerhosaurus, Tenontosaurus, Quetzelquatelous, etc. Sure those were all more common before 2.0, but how are new players supposed to collect their DNA?


I totally agree. They are EVENT exclusive after all.


What you said makes the most scence, but yeah diplo, quetz, tenonto… they haven’t been featured like at all, maybe it would make scense if we got 1 execlusive in the weekly event every week, but then again it’s realy nice that he pvp rewards are always execlusives.

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