Getting sick of hard stuck - waste of time


I wasted like 20 hours in 4 days now for battle arena for the fact that I am hard stuck between 3600-3800. why is there no other reward besides the limitation of 4 freakin incubators. I just wanna get to arena 8 somehow. But I slowly lose interest in whole battle arena. Why battling and trying to reach for something higher if all u get is the max of 4 incubs and the coin limit. I literally wasted 20hours for nothing. Because i thought maybe I get to arena 8 but no stun locks, crits, raptor/indo swapouts, overleveled dinosaurs. There needs to be some other reward when u play a lot of arena. I understand ifbu just play like 5-6 times you’ll only get imcubators but after that there should some other reward. Remove coin limit or please find another possible reward. I really love this game this is why it this pisses me off so much. I just wanna have fun even tho i get in losing streaks. Otherwise it’s just no fun.


Continue playing and you will get it some day, if you are stuck in a elo then thats your elo for this moment and dont get frustated to reach a level dont belong to you in this moment


It’s really not that exciting. We will all be reset next week anyway. Spend this time building your team up because we’ll probably be destroyed by the 5000+ tophies people on our level soon.


Oh i cant wait :joy: hopefully a large portion of the higher guys are spoofers/cheaters and once theyre gone I can get top 500 easier lol