Getting sick of this game!

This could be my last message here. This game is literally not moving anywhere…common dinos not popping out as much, dinos on weekly lists already appearing very often and its still under green box!!

Battles getting harder to battle and its about 10 losses before 1 win, thats way out of my patience.

In fact, i like dinos and thats why i am in this gme but its getting boring to keep seeing same dinos appearing and i cannot collect enough of those inneed to fuse or create just to complete my collection. Have never likes battle games and now dna are so hard to collect and coins although are more than last time with each spin but its hard to get especially if not going out of house!

So sorry, but i am deleting this game and moving on to others that do not require me to keep waiting and walking just to get a dino dna that i wanted just to create. Dinos listed as common should appear more and not just specific ones only that i have been seeing always!!

Bye bye!!

2nd Option: Pokémon Go

I never said it was a good second option


Can I have your stuff after you’re gone?


While I understand your frustration 100%, I have to say this…

See you next week lol

Try Ghostbusters World~

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Tried it myself but just not feeling it! Way too many features and stuff it’s overwhelming, plus I don’t like the cartoony graphics of the ghosts…

I’ve played these types of games for years but still think they put in too much stuff to start with.
Not that content is a bad thing, but as a new game it’s a bit much!

Definitely won’t be quitting JWA for it anytime soon.

But on a side not least years from now I can say I was a day 1 GB World vanilla player lol

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I came over from Pokego, although the pokemon were fun at first but also not all pokemon can be collected in my country so this game went out very fast, faster than JW Alive. But thanks for recommending.

Haha…is there a way to transfer? Then alot of people would have got many stuffs that way including me and I do not have to quit LOL…

I sometimes get angry (last Friday I had a hat-trick of anger for my third epic incubator that was useless, for losing a large number of battles against rivals of the same rank with very superior creatures and for not being able to find a single dilophosauro in green event after walking through the city where he was) … but I’m just forgetting. I really enjoy the game and I think Ludia is constantly trying to improve the game. Since I started, events, tournaments, capsules, coin boxes, free incubators for victories have been added to the game … For me it is my only game and I believe it will remain so for a long time … if I do not break the phone after 8 evasions followed by monomimus hahahahaha.

Anyway, for me the best thing about the game is that it forces me to walk! but it is clear that if you want a game to be always at home this is not your game. I hope you get a game that makes you happy !!!


Its actually really good exercise out walking around playing JWA! Before I started playing I weighed 103-105 kilo’s (231.5 lbs), now im 98-100 ^_^! So I have trimmed down a bit, I can tell when looking in the mirror! I used to be so chunky looking…even at 6"1.

Its my face that generally made me look chubby lol!

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Much as I love dinosaurs and am a big fan of the artwork, the enforced rando-pvp in order to get incubators is too irritating, think Im done.

I DO go out but the gps really sucks and not moving, I had to always close and open again every few metres that I walked before it “flies” to where I am suppose to be. Therefore, if I happen to be in transport, it totally not moving and I missed out on many stops along the way and even dinos that I could have caught.

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Feel you.
The Dev are doing something nice. But apparently not enough.
Then they introduced new things which made things worse.

#RIP #RageQuit :smirk:

The night before last I felt the same way and was ready to uninstall. I had almost 3900 trophies and not sure what possessed me but I put every raptor I have and tany in and battled enough times to lose over 500 trophies. For some reason it felt good to lose because I knew it had to feel good for my opponents that won. It could have been the one battle that broke their losing streak. The raptors actually impressed me a little although I knew they were lunchmeat. An added frustration is the amount of effort and potential money it is going to take going forward as everything costs more the higher the level which it shouldn’t. If there was only a warning at level one of this game that it is going to cost 25x plus more coins to level this dino up later…


Losing a lot is not the game’s fault. Especially losing 90% of the time. Thats probably a lot on you too.
We all deal with the same battles. The rest I agree with.

It is ok to lose, my hubby likes battling on my phone instead of his because my dinos are all leveled up and he only has one legendary. He mixes things up and puts dinos in that I would never use and wins. Even if he loses he laughs and says well that guy sucks lol. I think human nature drives us to want it all too fast and having the insatiable need to win takes the fun away.

I recently found out , that if I turn Google maps navigation on, the GPS in the game works fine for me.
However, the game gets a bit slower.

JWA is on the downhill slide, flying dinosaurs didn’t save the game.
Bugs, cheats, lack of coin resources, too many tournaments causing position unrest and the lack of timely migration patterns has caused this game to stale.

Ghostbuster World seems promising, and recently released it’s easy to climb the leaderboard.

Stupid flying dinos in Strike again…ludia should quit them from Strike incubator…who needs this stupid worthless dinos???