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Getting the same dinosaurs in every incubator?!


I’m so tired of this. I get the exact same dinosaurs in every single incubator with VERY few exceptions. Why is that?

I know you get different dinosaurs in different battle Arenas but how often do you get to new arenas??

Fix this please


Technically there’s nothing to be fixed there, cause it’s a matter of choice. That’s why some people drop arenas on purpose.


They should add more variety to the incubators.


What arena are you in?
I get a wide variety of useless creatures.
Mostly stigy…


I’m right between Lockdown and Sorna Marshes.


Once you get to jurassic ruins youll start getting gallimus as your common like 60% of the time so that will add to some variety. And youll get dracorex as a rare like 2% of the time. When you get to lockwood you’ll look like at the dinos and be like but i see them less then the dinos from arena 1.


For me it‘s mainly Alanqa followed by Pachy. I call myself lucky when I get something else than this.


I so much agree with this. I don’t rely on the arena incubators to give me good dinos anymore, I literally battle for the fun of it. And the coins. I just always have an incubator going because of my OCD haha.

I was going to make a topic on this last week because I got super confused as to why it’s always stygy or alanqa epic dna. I know they’re incubator exclusive or arena exclusive or whatever the crap, but it’s just so predictable at this point what I’m getting.

When I looked at the “incubator exclusive” dinos for my current arena, I realized I never receive those specific dino DNAs from the arena incubators. But apparently it’s all RNG so it doesn’t even matter which arena you get into, you’ll still get the same crap thrown your way. :woman_shrugging:t2: I wish they’d just give us different/better DNA as you climb up in the arenas, or even the dinos shown that you “should” receive.

There’s some older topics already made that explain this, I think I typed in arena incubators and found a few helpful threads about it.


I rarely get alanqa it’s usually pyro/anky/mono/grypo+stygi


I wish i got stuff like pyro and anky… pachy is my new best friend as far as epics go.


I think a big problem outside of cheaters is the lack of variety in the game right now. Spawns are the same as they were in 1.5 with little to no changes so we have been seeing the same dino on our screens for months. Then we get the same dinos in our incubators for months now. Our daily mission is the same dino everyday.

Trex is a huge I’ll improvement over alanqa but it doesnt change the fact that your doing the same thing everyday for the same reward. There isnt alot they can do right now to mix up the missions. I wouldnt mind seeing the epics rotate… id take a week of concavenator if that ment id eventually get a week of ourano.


I don’t mind getting T. rex everyday from daily missions because it’s dna is useful, though.
But I agree, that would be a cool idea if they could even change it up every few weeks. I can see why they keep the DNA the same a few days though, not everyone plays for hours everyday (I certainly do :joy:) so they wanna make sure everyone reaps the benefits. Which is fine.

I just think it’s ridiculous that as I climb through the arenas, I still get the same dino DNA from arena incubators. Maybe every 3/4 months it’s changed, but that’s certainly not enough variety.


My issue with rex everyday isnt that its bad dna, cause it certainly isnt its the other effects in the game. Like they give us rex everyday but to keep trykos from flooding the arena they move anky to parks. Making one zone significantly worse then all the rest and completely killing off any possible dinos from the rajankly line. Not to mention people in badlands are dealing with 18-20 trexs now. If they changed the daily mission dna on a weekly basis they wouldnt have to go to such extremes.

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