Getting tired

So I gotta admit I’m really getting tired of Lovelink. It’s been a week since the bigshot announcment. And since then…radio silence. I like games that are fun to play. This one isn’t anymore. The matches eather just vanish after I risked my life or flew across half the world to see them cause they need time to think or pet their friggin’ dogs or whatever or they accuse me of stuff and vanish. If I wanted to get constantly dissappointed I could just stick with the real world. No need to pay money for that.
I’ve never developed a game like this and I’m sure it’s a hell of a lot of work… but it just seems to me that Ludia bit off more than they can chew with this one. I mean why create so many characters with no story or just a little portion of a story. Even I can see where this tactic goes… to a mass of players that can’t play cause there’s no freaking content left to play. I know this is just a game…but it’s still frustrating to pay money, get no new content for weeks, get ridiculous choices and then when new content finally comes we just get dumped all over again like with Rory or Sheng.
This was fun while it lastet but I’m outta here. I sincerely hope you’ll get a better handle of things. You created a great game… it would be sad to see it fail.


I’m sorry to see you go, GiaGrace. I appreciate you giving us feedback on how we can improve Lovelink. :frowning:

From my personal experience, I haven’t been able to get through each character’s storyline yet myself, but I can definitely understand the frustration of running out of contents or being left hanging on a conversation. The worst of all, being ghosted without reason.

Our team is still working hard at the moment to expand the available content on Lovelink, so if you ever decide to join us again, we’ll be happy to see you online! :slight_smile:


I was just saying something similar. I’m not leaving yet but with 20-odd characters all greyed out and no new matches for weeks I’ve nothing left to do.

The worst of it is, there’s only about 3 or 4 characters I really care about, the others are so that I can collect gems in order to buy the premium choices for my favourites.

Hope you didn’t spend too much money on this game before you chose to quit.


I have similar opinions. The constant stop/start does not encourage engagement or immersion. When a character comes back, i’ve forgotten details of the story line and then they’re back for such a short time, it is a bit boring

Couldn’t have said it better than Karina_D. I would also like to see the stories of the future female characters get some of that same level of thrill and action as some of the stories of the guys as right now while I much prefer them overall, I sometimes get the impression the interest is more with the guys from the writing and the frequency of (or rather generally lack thereof) updates for them.


I tried doing that, too. But I just can’t. I can’t get myself to play through storylines with people that I don’t find likeable at all. It feels more like work than play at this point, y’know?
There are a lot of things about Lovelink I love, like the varietyof characters and the gender neutrality (mostly). But other things I just don’t understand…like… at all. What’s happening here right now is basic psychology 101. I mean…take Noah’s story. He lets me fly to Alaska, leaves me there immedeately, makes me spy on his uncle, rescues his friend with me, leaves me standing there…again and then informs me that he loves me but that he now needs to cuddle his dog (WHAT?!) and have some time alone. Like in what world would I want him back after that? Same goes for Sheng…and Rory…and a lot of the other guys. Maybe I should just switch to the women? Are they any nicer than the men or do they also drop you any chance they get?


You are 100% right. I wrote a massive rant about Antoine.

The girls are no better, worse in fact. Alice/Eve buys you a ticket to meet her in Ibiza, you meet her at a beach, snog in the sea and then wake up the next morning and she texts you from the airport that she’s off to Japan. You follow her to Japan, hang out, then guess what? She sods off to Australia.

Emmalyn/Angel is fine up until the point she tells the whole world she loves you, then you get the inevitable text the next morning and she’s off to South America to align her chakras or something.

Grace/Clementine dumps you on your first date to go on an arranged date with someone else, it then turns out she is having an affair with her professor and, on your second date, he turns up unnanounced and she makes you leave. It gets better after that, but in reality I’d have dumped her after that first date.

Vitoria/Sage bangs you on your second date then, on your third, after turning into a werewolf, she tries to eat you.

Aesha is a self-absorbed narcissist who spends all her time in a virtual world playing video games, where you have your first date.

Hazel is a witch and tries to steal your soul.

There’s a lot of silliness which is fine and sometimes amusing. But, like you say, the psychology doesn’t make a lot of sense sometimes.

I think Tiros is the most fun tbh. I’m not in to beastiality, or even men, but you can completely suspend your disbelief and just enjoy it.

I’m gonna stick out and see what happens. But I feel you, when you say the gem mining grind feels like work. It really does!


Ugh…Sounds like I’m not missing much there either. I gotta admit that it always bugged me that I can rarely react adequately… like sometimes I just wanna tell them to get a grip or get lost but in these situations I’m always forced to be nice and understanding while in other situations I can choose to pay for the answer or say something really horrible. I swear sometimes I just wanna yell at people like who the hell is like that?!

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Me too. But especially after Antoine said “nah love, you’re alright. I’ma stay here and hug me dog innit.”

No mate, just no.

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Ugh…I feel you! That was the worst!

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It seems like more of the content for some storylines should have been further developed before this game released. I mean, leaving us for even more than 24hrs without being able to interact with anyone can lead to boredom, which then leads to people abandoning the game. Which is something I’ve been considering since a game needs to keep me interested to keep playing, if not I drop it and forget about it. I’ve really enjoyed the game so far but am left disappointed with having to wait days, collecting the freebie gems while waiting for something to happen for a character to come back online.


I do wonder if they have been affected by COVID and that’s slowed things down, with staff possibly being on furlough, etc.

I write myself, so I know how quickly you can bash out some content for something like this, but the artwork probably takes time.

Still, a little more transparency wouldn’t go amiss.


very good point,did not think of that. maybe they have been short on people to finish things so thats why its taking what literally feels like forever to get more done& finish character’s.
if could do would be changing the response options too,not everyone talks the same way so would be nice to have more way’s to respond if only to make it more like something that would want to say when at times its really not.

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Something else that could slow progress is that the writers are probably freelance. Therefore, this won’t be the only project they are working on and likely have deadlines elsewhere to meet before they can return to these stories.

What do you mean exactly by changing the responses? Do you mean the main character’s responses to the match they are flirting with?

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good point,that could also be likely. not likely we will ever know for shore tho.

had meant the way you can respond to them. find often that the response choices are not things that want to say or would ever say& often that takes away from the mind scape that am in when reading& responding to them& would rather have at least a few more choices of response. if not to be able to select writing style in the first place since am not someone that tends to write like the text style seams to be most of the time

I see what you mean.

That would take a lot more from a writing perspective. It would be nice, I know where you’re coming from because I have felt that too at times.

But I think if you adopt the mindset that you are playing a different character yourself, that helps you to get into the head of the MC a bit more.

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try to think of it that way,sometimes it helps,other times not so much.

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