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Getting to level 30 - Easier for a legendary or unique?

This is something I’m curious about.

In my main team, I run three legendaries. Four of my team are uniques. I haven’t settled on the last one just yet. Like is to be expected, I’ve been levelling most of the legendaries for longer than the uniques. But I’ve noticed that the legendaries seemingly take a lot longer to level up than the uniques do, and my unique team members are already creeping up to the level of my legendaries. Maybe it’s because the unique dinos benefit incredibly from a high fusion - With Magna, for instance, I’ve been pretty lucky and received a lot of fuses over 50.

Does anyone else feel this way? Or is RNG just on my side (for a change) with uniques?

The game uses whats known as weighted fuses, basically there is something like a 40% odd chance of fusing a 10, and the greater the fuse number the less likely it is to occur, there is also information that some dinosaurs have different “groups” or something like that, where the fuse rates are different (please correct me if im wrong on this someone).

So its probably just luck from what I can tell.

As for levelling, uniques do take less DNA per level, BUT then you need tons of DNA from its components.

I took Nodopatotitan to just shy of hitting 29, and it took a little while but not as long as I thought it would, given that each level requires more and more DNA to complete.

However if you can find a lesser hybrid that works well in the meta and you like it, why not. Just be very careful if its one of Ludias salesman dinosaurs, they just monetise those.

Basically avoid over investing in something thats -

  1. Given away like candy by Ludia at first
  2. Is clearly OP
  3. Isn’t an end product dinosaur.

Those are the mascot dinosaurs that Ludia wants everyone to spend on.

The current ones are - ProceRat, Indo2 (IncomeRaptor) and Previously Rat (Draco)

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Lucky, I only have 1 Epic :cry:

Don’t worry just hang in their and keep hunting those dinosaurs, at first you wont have much but after a while all the various DNA you build up unlocks tons of their hybrids, and their hybrids hybrids, it kind of snowballs into a huge amount of dinosaurs available.

Just don’t level up everything, coins are scarce later in the game as you need tons of them, if you are new to the game look at the levels needed for the hybrids you’re after, for instance to make Indominus Rex, you need a level 15 raptor and a 15 rex, so if you wanted Indom you would only need to take those to 15, you also wont be using those dinosaurs later in the game (unless you really love them) so levelling them like crazy is best avoided.

Though with the case of Raptor and Rex, they do have later uniques that require them both to be level 20, so its safe to take them to 20.


I’m close to getting Nodopatosaurus


If you get in an alliance, that’ll change things pretty fast for you. You might get 2 epics every 2 weeks just for being a member

I am the leader of my own alliance and we are doing pretty good. We only have 6 members though

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Please join

Have you been recruiting on the forums? ive founded 2 alliances in my time and while I don’t play anymore and thus handed over leadership, those alliances are doing really great.

At first its slow going, as most want to join an alliance with tons of members, but as members trickle in it makes your alliance look more and more appealing.
Like I remember when I founded Great Southern Land it took a week to get a single member, and a few weeks later I had to turn members away because I was getting like 15 applications A DAY!

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If I was in that alliance I would be number 42!

Yeah, “IncomeRaptor” is a member of my team as well, but I’m not boosting her too much because I know the nerf is coming soon. I mostly just love her design (along with the regular Indoraptor).

I just prefer my legendaries overall, but they’re taking me longer to level than the unique hybrids are.

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Yes. The legendaries require a ton of DNA. It is my opinion that Incomeraptor was made legendary and not unique specifically for this reason.

Yeah the IncomeRaptor does look good ill give it that. Only reason I would say to avoid over investing in it, is because of the signs…basically Ludia were giving away its DNA like candy (this ensures everyone can unlock it, though not level it, outside of sales) and also the CS base attack has WAY too many effects built in, and players are complaining its faceroll.
I actually suspect that its been made OP on purpose, kind of like an awesome sales pitch, it ensures everyone wants it on their team and will spend to boost it, this is why I call it the IncomeRaptor lol

But Ludia designing this way on purpose claims aside, I think, as you said, its a prime target for the nerf bat, another reason not to get too attached to it, incase they Monomimus it.

People have been saying that Procera is getting nerfed for literally a year now. I think we can take it easy with the “THEY WANT YOU TO SPEND MONEY ON IT AND THEN THEY WILL NERF IT!!” genre of conspiracy theories here.


Actually I’m more for the “Ludia will monetize a dinosaur and gut it after the cash dries up”.

They did it with rat. Soon as the Yoshi cash dries up (after they see the bulk of players has maxed it, they do have access to all data remember) they will Monomimus it and give it a hybrid.

Its no coincidence that none of the monetized dinosaur evet get nerfed. Of all 3 of the OG boost mascots (Rat, Yoshi, Thor) only rat was nerfed, and only when they had a replacement - IncomeRaptor.

Notice how they gave away tons of Blue DNA to get everyone unlocking it? Theb they had what, 2 or 3 incubators with the components for sale? You think they really dont plan this stuff?

They did it with dracorat because every other thread on here or reddit was complaining about it, not because of some grand overarching scheme to get players to invest in one dinosaur.

If that was their plan we’d be seeing a much faster pump and dump sort of thing going on. It wouldn’t take them a year to do it lmao. That’s why the paranoia surrounding this subject is just silly.

This game has a shockingly nonexistent powercreep issue currently. The tradeoff of this is that whatever the top dinos are will eventually get direct counters or get nerfed in an effort to shake up the meta a bit. That’s the nature of it. The alternative is them continually releasing considerably more powerful creatures every update and increasing the scale of the meta. And then everyone would be whining about the previous “best” creatures objectively not being the best anymore.


Unique or legendary leveling only depends on what creature it is. Do the components spam you on the map? Are they really easy to get a good supply of in the sanctuaries?

That is what determines which one takes longer. And the amount of creatures are more for uniques. Which means more problems.

Let’s look at it.

Carbotops difficulty to level? Yes you need nasuto, how will you get that? Lol.

Now dracoRAT difficulty to level? No you can pick up 3 fuses a day without even trying.

i’m sure the luck is on your side, hehe.

my erlidom i got 10 about 15 times when trying to unlock it. my tryko is even worse, because i have 10 fuse a lot for ankyntro, then go tryko and get 10 too… it’s about to complete 2 months trying to level my tryko, but all those 10 fuses are ruining my hope.


Players were asking for the rat to be balanced for ages, yet they ignored it the whole time. Heck of a coincidence that when it finally got nerfed “for balance lol” they implement a new OP dinosaur and start dumping its DNA on everyone.

Draco - DNA components given away in alliance missions for 6 months straight (or was it 4?)
Thor - DNA components given away in alliance missions for 6 months straight
Yoshi - Cant even keep track of how many times they tossed its DNA at everyone

If you really think they don’t design dinosaurs with the intent that everyone uses it, I fear for your future spending, coz you will fall victim to it.

As I said earlier, when Ludia spoon-feeds a dinosaurs DNA to everyone, NEVER nerfs it despite public outcry, and its OP…its by design, plain and simple.

You know the survey they did a while back asking how to balance Cautious Strike? because everyone was raging about how OP it was? well low and behold the “results” couldn’t show a clear idea to balance it, so they keep it profitable…err I mean unchanged.

You watch, CS and IncomeRaptor is going to be talked about for the next 6 months, and why? coz they don’t wanna nerf their new sales driving dinosaur.

Super accurate