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Getting to Nublar shores worst thing ever

I was pretty pleased with myself finally arriving at the shores, I even defeated Royce, although I did have great match ups, but I have to say overall it’s been a terrible experience. Level 27 Ceramagnus and Hadros Lux everywhere, level 29 Mortem Rex, more often than not all with 20 attack boosts, seriously how?
Most players have at least six of their team with either swap in stun or damage, it is not a good or fun experience.
So, I have decided to take out all my max boosted team and replace them with eight other unboosted dinos.
I have nine level 30 unboosted dinos which are Maxima, Grypo, Indoraptor, Smilo, Utarinex, Draco, Tryostronix, Monolometrodon and Tuoramoloch. Plus level 26 Ceramagnus and Mortem Rex.
What do you think is the best team I could go with and where do you think I will be competitive. I am guessing I’ll end up in the Aviary, but who cares as long as the game becomes fun again.

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When you reach Nublar shores you’re among top 500 players of world…so it’s obvious that they’ll be having heavily boosted creatures

You aren’t going to have much fun with that team either. Maybe for a week or so but eventually you will grow bored of it as well.

If I reach Nublar Shores (I keep getting close), I’m swapping out my team for a group of level 5 dinos and dropping right away. Not gonna bother with it.