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Getting Unique Legendary creatures

It would be nice if it was easier getting unique legendary creatures.

How much easier?.. In my opinion at least it’s quite easy if you’re in for the long game. It usually takes around 4 or 5 months of dedicated gameplay to start securing Dominator wins.

Of course special mention to level 60 and Clash of Titans.


When you arrive to level 60 you will even be bored of Legendaries. I can get almost a legendary per day and i am 68.

My definition of unique in jwtg is irrelevant Dino’s nobody uses them or cares for them.
Here’s a dino that is unique in my definition Suchoripterus Suchomimus +Dsungaripterus

Legendary hybrid.

in JWA, unique, it is the legendary hybrid version of tournament or super hybrids.