Getting very frustrated and discouraged


seriously. i must be the unluckiest player in the game. it rarely is giving me my best dinosaurs in my battle group. i am getting stunned by 20 percent chance hits at least 50 percent of the time, yet my stygi gets MAYBE one out of 10 stun attempts at the 75 percent stun attack.

I have now dropped 16 battles in a row. the last 10 battles, i’ve had no army against me that didn’t out rank my dinos by at least 5 levels on each dino.

I have said it before, i’ll say it again…the matchmaking needs fixed. these trophy dumpers are just dropping to badland and nublar and just wreaking havoc on us newer players. did i mention…i’ve lost 16 in a row trying to get ONE incubator slot filled? and i guarantee ya, it’ll be a 15 minute one when i finally win.

ok rant over. you may now return to your regularly scheduled programming


LOL welcome to my world. I just had a brief stopover in Lockdown and got knocked back to Badlands by some (expletive deleted) who decided to spam his level 21 hybrids on me. It took both of my raptors to take down his first dino (And my common raptor is level 18!).

I agree that something needs to be done regarding the matchmaking system. It’s totally borked. It should be required for each arena to only allow dinos of a certain range in level. That way, no one who drops down to lower arenas will be able to get easy kills. They will have to learn battle strategy or be defeated, same as anyone else.


overnight there are so many [expletive deleted] moments. just now, i got my butt handed to me by a stygi…who stunned me 4 times in a row with the basic 25 percent stun attack.

I can count on one hand in the last month how many of MY stun attacks have worked on any stunning dino.


when it takes a player like me 10 to 15 rounds to get the one win i need to fill a slot, it needs addressed…and it needs addressed in the next update


What also needs to be addressed is perhaps your strategy. What dinosaurs are you using and how is it being timed? Perhaps you’re just being out classed by a player who is being more strategic. 10-15 losses in a row sounds really tough to achieve unless you’re doing it on purpose.


It sounds like you need to get some immune dinos on your team. They can’t be stunned.


Maybe once you get up to the next level the system does not let you leave there, even if your ranking drops… just compare them to other players.


i would dearly love to get some immunity…unfortunately, the only one i got is a dimetrodon…and she’s only level 9, not strong enough yet to be effective in a badlands battle.