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Getting VIP creatures from DNA to Jurassic?

Anyone below lv 86 getting VIPs from DNA to Jurassic. I tried 3 times and couldn’t get anything better than a legendary.

It’s only VIP players who can get VIPs,you can get locked Dinosaur though

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I am Level 90 and have not gotten any.

Are you vip. Just activated trial right now. Perfect time for the start of the prize drop and with the vip tournament coming soon. I was so happy :star_struck::crazy_face:


@Mastercroc welcome to the VIP club! :smiley:

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For a week.

VIPs definitely can. I’ve tried it out for ages as a non VIP and I don’t seem to get it. Same with food->Jurassic.

I know but they are all max park level. I am limited by that so maybe I can’t. That is what I was asking. I know park level matters because I still can’t get rare hybrids from coins to Jurassic and I asked / analyzed a few others on here to see if they can and how that correlated to their park level. Many high level players could while in level 80s or so they couldn’t.

Thank you. It is for a week only lol.


@Mastercroc my plan also was just 1 month VIP since before my first CoT I calculated and realised I just needed one more event for Megalosaurus CoT (I grinded SO MUCH to get to 60 that day. Interestestingly that day had Leedsichthys for 60+) and I thought after the month I’ll cancel.

…Here I am waiting for my S-Dna production site now :no_mouth:


Even though I think it’s impossible to get a VIP creatures through the trade harbor if you don’t have VIP, I can imagine the percentage of it happening being something very obnoxious like 0.002%.

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Or a 100% if you pay DB for the Diamond Fidelity Wheel.

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It’s impossible. Confirmed by Ludia that you shouldn’t be able to get VIP items if you are non vip.


I lined my free trial perfectly up with the prize drop so I can get diamond without paying extra bucks. My free trial also lines up with the upcoming VIP tournament. I am so proud! Lol