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"gg" emote

I got creamed yesterday by someone who outplayed me. I really wish there was a gg emote so I could congratulate them. The current selections just don’t seem to quite cut it… And it might promote a nice atmosphere when we do see human players to acknowledge fair / good fights!


Yes that would be good

I’d also like one I can’t use at the start of the battle - well this is a grossly unfair initiative/character combo that favours you or me - what a joke!

And a I had no chance so stop hitting those emotes like you’ve actually done something useful

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I agree more emotes would be nice. I’d like one for saying ‘hi’ like /wave.

I’d also like a “sorry” style emote for the times that a really bad mismatch happens, or when their dominate gets resisted, etc. Basically any of those game-changing moments where chance pretty much ruins any hope of success for them.

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I would like a

“To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.” type quote.

JOKE - That is something Conan the Barbarian said about the good things in life.

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I agree with many of these ideas. I have an additional suggestion.

As the developers are the appropriate target for most derisive ponderings during PvP matches, I would suggest adding an expressive emoticon comprised of a closed fist with one raised finger. This emoticon would not been seen by the opponent, rather it would be messaged directly to all development team members.

Perhaps after receiving a few thousand such message they will begin to comprehend the communal discord.