Ghost Battles? Frozen screens and nameless opponents


Just opened JWA and was greeted by a battle screen showing I’d lost. Thing is, the last time I had the game open, I had tried to battle but was told nobody was available when the finder timed out and then the screen froze and I closed the game. When I reopened the game 2 hours later, I saw I’d apparently completed the battle (and lost) but that my opponent didn’t even have a name. On top of that, I managed to take out two of their dinos without even touching the game?!?
Either way, now I’m down in rank (not that I was high to begin with, but still…) and I’m not sure exactly what happened!
Any ideas?


I haven’t seen this yet but will post here if I have error thanks for posting

DinoLord the one and only!!’


Something similar happens to me a lot, though at my instance there is no “waiting for opponent” cutdown, but area loads and then instantly freezes after a second at “Pick your dinosaur” stage. Nothing can be done, restarting app doesn’t help, as it rejoins the battle only to freeze again after 2-3 sec, and starts working properly only after battle is finished. When trying to reconnect, not only opponent’s nickname and icon aren’t shown, but also dinos (team and currently fighting ones alike). This is pretty annoying, as it happens to me everyday, usually after 4-5 matches played.
Funny though: today I somehow managed to win when app freezed.


Hey there, this is most likely due to the fact that, according to our servers, you have entered into two battles at once. The battles automatically finish after about twenty minutes, at which point the issue should resolve itself. If this issue persists, however, feel free to reach out to us for assistance at


I’ve had the same happen with me. Once where I lost and later again where I won.


How did I manage to enter two battles at once? To be honest, my multitasking skills in the real world are pretty abysmal so I’m surprised my JWA world trusted me enough to double me up on a battle. But in all seriousness, how does that happen?