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Ghost battles

Bug Description: while NOT in the arena so darting, lab or after starting the app, I get an “opponent wins!” Message and battle trophies are deducted. This varies from 25 - 45(!!!) trophies. Problem is; all battles I fought were done and win or loss already added or taken from my trophy count. So these are additional and I’m VERY sure I didn’t miss any battle outcomes.

Area is was found in: after start game, while darting & while scrolling through lab.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- all of a sudden screen appears “opponent won!”
Step 2 - trophies are deducted from my total

Step 3 - NO battle took place prior to this message that didn’t already add or take trophy points.

How often does it happen: since 1.7 5 times already.

What type of device are you using:
IPhone XR
Anything else? I want them back! They were taken unrightfully and it’s difficult enough to gain any at the moment with losses over 45 points and only gaining 1-29 per battle.

You won’t get them back. Everyone experiences the same problem (read this forum). I expect the problem is known to Ludia and they are certainly working on a solution. It’s not cool, but thats the situation we are ALL in.

The same was/is happening with my game. Very related to my recent question. I am loosing ghost battles :frowning:

What is the solution/ recommendation… to stop playing and wait?

If you don’t like it, don’t play.
If you don’t care because everyone has the same problem, just play and hope it gets solved soon.

Sorry if I’m annoying some of the members because apparently this is a known error.
I could only find connection, dart, matchmaking issues. This issue (I encounter) used to be only after loosing a battle and then loosing connection somewhere during the fight. You could restart, finish the fight and win and then moments (sometimes even hours later) you got this message and point were withdrawn. This time I didn’t loose connection in any of my fights and yet I got this message. That’s why I thought I’d report it as a new bug. I also mailed support about it. Hopefully for everyone this issue will be addressed as well as al other issues we’re encountering after 1.7…

Yeah, I’ve had this problem, too. I also posted on it a few days ago. Hopefully the more we make it known, the faster Ludia will be aware of the bug and fix it.

It’s a disgrace.
What’s worse, it’s acceptable to the final consumer.
Quality is gone in today’s world.

I joined tournament. All my battles except one have either timed out, kicked me, or been against someone who got kicked.

This is acceptable? smdh

I’ve tried discussing this multiple times on Reddit, but everyone downvotes me for whatever reason.
I believe that this is due to the “timed out” battles giving you the wrong feedback and continuing without you present. When the battle eventually ends 5 minutes later, it communicates the result to you, even if you’re busy doing something else.
This has been an issue for a while and I think it should not be to difficult for Ludia to put in a check to make sure this doesn’t happen. You should be forced back into the battle while the app is open. You shouldn’t be able to continue playing the game while a battle is ongoing without you knowing.
Anyway, this is my assumption. I might be wrong.

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The error you’re describing I know exists. But the error I’m describing is something else. I didn’t win any battles (timed out or not maybe without me noticing) with that amount of trophies won. So in any case… I lost more to the ghost battles than I won during any battle the last few days.

I think you may be right. In the past, if you time out at 1 minute, it likely is ‘real’, but not I think it’s 50/50. I’m starting to restart after all 1 minute time outs going forward… Just in case. I don’t think it’s every time out, but ‘some’ of them.

Yes, absolutely. I don’t expect this bug to happen every time, but the problem isn’t that it happens, the problem is that it happens without us knowing.
If it happened and we knew immediately that the battle was carrying on and we couldn’t do anything else in the game, then we would just rejoin the battle and miss out on stuff. Or ideally, it would just not let us do anything else and simply put us back in the battle automatically.
But the fact that there’s not enough error handling for this is a huge issue.

I dont think I will join the tournament til tgem fix this issue, I’ve been getting kicked in the arena and losing lots of trophies…figured it would do the same in the tourney too

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