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Ghost green towers?!?

I know everyone has been having trouble with the amount of green towers but has anyone else had the problem of when you do finally get to one and/or find some only to see that there isn’t a dino under or around them at all?


Well, they do despawn from time to time. Usually they aren’t gone for more than a few minutes. Unless you dart it.

Oh yea i do know an understand that, it’s been more an more occurring in the last few weeks. Just yesterday on my way home from work there was 6 green towers 2 had dinos under them. Didn’t get to dart a single one, mainly cause all I’m after at the moment is echo lol

Actually I’ve already posted about this, I’ve had 0 spawns the entire week… none of the green drops (the few I can find) spawn creatures


All this week I have had this problem. Most green drops haven’t had the relevant dinosaur. :frowning:

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I’ve watched too many event supply drops that stayed empty.

In before the “That’s not possible”