Ghost sightings, or rather, that dragon that's too stubborn to leave

It doesn’t happen often, but it’s annoying. Especially if it sort of takes some of the space of a new dragon.

And before you ask, this happened either yesterday or the day before. On some daylies probably. I don’t remember.

Thanks for letting us know, @Featherwing. Could you send that screenshot over to our support team here at, along with your support key?

I could, however this isn’t the only fault I would send so it will take some time. Last time I reported something like this though, they had offered no real explanation or solution. I’m trying to find a day I’ll not be pressed by time to send about a bunch of issues.

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I believe it happens under the following circumstances:

The game always pre-calcuates all tile\enemy damage once you match the tiles in your turn. So if an enemy was about to cast an ability, to attack you, or if you got a x9 combo - it’s ALL precalculated and whatever happens is just a visual assistance.
So even if you, for example, use an ability to defeat a dragon that was about to take action - it will still do its action, even if it’s a blank space launching a blast\casting ability.
Similarly, even if the matched tiles give your dragon enough spirit to use its ability but this dragon was calculated to die in that turn - you wouldn’t be able to use the dragon until the visual “confirmation” happens.
In turn, if all enemies are calculated to die from tile damage alone, for example - from a “lucky” combo - you wouldn’t be able to use your dragons’ abilities either, because there’s nothing to use them on, even if you continuously watch the tiles being launched.

What I’m leading towards - is that sometimes the game can’t calculate everything, and usually it happens with any form of AoE damage, even ricochet.
Let’s say that there are 2 dragons left alive, and one of them is calculated to go down from tile damage. If it was the last dragon alive - you wouldn’t be able to use an ability. But… since there is another dragon alive - the game allows you to use an ability, and even if you used an ability without designating a target, and the game would automatically target the dragon that is not “about to die naturally”, the AoE portion can in fact happen before the tiles do their job. This glitches out the system a bit, because the dragon that was supposed to be down - was interacted with before it went down.
As you know - there’s nothing wrong with it, the game auto-sorts itself. But the visual glitch can remain.

heh heh… that’s kinda funny… iv’e had that same issue before, but to throughout the whole round. it’s always gone away. but iv’e had dragon shadows going across the screen in between fights.

but NOT throughout

I see, well, at least the “ghost” was staying quiet. Compared to the first time, though, he was obscuring another dragon and so this time it was more annoying.

Dragon “Ghosts” are actually cool even when the dragons come back to life! :joy:

Unless they cover the space of another dragon, yeah. But I’ll admit, it’s both annoying and hilarious at the same time.

Featherwing,i have the same problem,he even did some damage on me.


So, you mean to say it’s a miscalculation between tiles hitting a dragon and AoE of my own dragons hitting it? It gets hit more than it should before its defeat is calculated?

Sort of. From what Itami said - he was probably trying to kill a dragon that was about to attack, but, as I said, everything is pre-calculated even if blank space attacks you, so he sort of "overkilled’ a dragon, and yet the ghost launched its last attack.

Its like i attacked him first but what happened is that the bar of his health dissapeared but still landed a blow.

That stuff exactly happened to me today. It fired before going “ghost”, nevermind I had fired first.

6th level of Toothless Event, 1st round

That Stormcutter was persistent, I’ll grant it that. Lol.

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Dang… that is to funny sometimes… lol

heh heh… this JUST happened to me.

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Try counting how many dragons are there in the battle!



I found…
4 remaining from the enemy team + 2 “ghosts”